Motivation to get back on track

It’s the holidays and people seem to get off track during this time.  For me, I’m dealing with a big event coming my way.  My focus has just been getting something in my tummy and I’ve been GREAT for the most part.  But with our little girl on the way, I’m trying to get back on track so I can stay healthy and get lose this baby weight.

I’ve learned that in the past making a plan is the most effective way to accomplish a goal. It’s easier to stay focused and on track that way. I know it worked for me in the past and I know that it will work for me in the future. Right now is the time for me to formulate my plan so when the time comes I can put it into action. But I want to start getting back on track right now so it’s not hitting me in the face. I’m gradually trying to get back for a smoother transition.

My lack of sleep has really helped me settle into this idea and it’s probably going to make me a better blogger too.  I get up in the middle of the night and start prepping food and that really got me thinking about how much easier it is when you already have delicious food in the fridge/ready to eat.


This morning I got up to make my overnight oats because for some reason I can’t stand to eat my hot oatmeal right now.  I have to go with what works for right now.  Plus, it’s just easy because I can pull it out of the fridge, add some fruit and eat.


I’m trying to get back into my veggie swing. I love veggies but some of them smell so horrible to me right now that it’s been hard. Broccoli use to be my jam, but whenever I smell it, I’m kind of grossed out. The one thing I have enjoyed a lot of during my pregnancy has been carrots, cabbage and I’m currently on a spinach kick. We’ve been frequenting Luby’s a lot. I can’t help it.


And although it’s pretty hard to get back in a strong workout routine right now, it’s important for me to keep on track. I’m tired and I’m trying to get as much sleep as I possibly can, while I can. Right now I’m just trying to stick to a schedule so that when my time is a more limited, I can still maintain my schedule to stay active and healthy. I’m currently trying to hit the gym 4 times a week. Last week for the first week since Thanksgiving I was able to do so. I felt so accomplished.

Many things are about to change in my life, but I know that my health and fitness is still going to be very important to me. It’s very important for me to set a good example for my daughter, therefore, it’s still going to be a priority to me. These are just a few small things that will help me on the road to success.

What is your greatest motivation to stay on track?