Motivation Monday: Know your worth

I know it’s been awhile since I last blogged.  I know it’s been a minute since I sent some motivation your way.  It’s been rough.  I haven’t felt very motivational lately.  I’ve felt like I’ve been the one who needed to be motivated.  I didn’t really know if I should be the one providing you with motivation when I was looking for it myself.  My

My postpartum journey has been a process.  There are days I think I have it completely together and then other days when I feel like it’s like poop on the floor. It’s just life, I know. The biggest lesson I have learned along the way is to know your worth.

Things will not always go ok.  Things may be the best they’ve ever been.  In all the moments in life, it is important to know your worth.  It’s easier to realize your worth in the happier situations so that feeling is one that you should take with you in every situation.  It is harder to know your worth when you are dealing with trouble times.

I’ve said it time and time again, don’t let those down times define you as a person.  Things will not be easy, but how you DEAL with those times makes you the person that you are.  Those are the times to know your worth and fight for what is important to you.

Knowing your worth means you recognize that all BS that is spouted your way in the world doesn’t really matter.  You are worthy of any dream you want to accomplish.  You can work hard to achieve your desires.  You do matter because our differences make the world come together.  You are loved, even if you feel like no one else loves you.  You can always say that you love yourself.  Because you should always love yourself.

It is more than important that you know your worth when dealing with any situation.  You never want to sell yourself short or lessen your accomplishments because you don’t feel worthy.  Every good thing that comes your way is well deserved and every bad thing doesn’t mean you’re worthless (no matter how many of those bad things comes your way).