Weekly workout breakdown: remembering my why, celebrating little victories, and running

I’ve slacked off of my weekly workout breakdowns because I’ve gotten lazy. The weekly workout breakdowns are the place where I dissect last week’s workouts and the thought process behind the workouts. I am working on making some improvements in my life. I’m all about being my best self and better than yesterday. Those are things I’ve somehow forgotten along the way.

Do you ever forget the” why” behind it all? That’s why it’s essential to write things down.

Weekly workouts may 10-16

The struggle has been real lately, but I’m on the up and up. The only consistent thing I do every day is to get more workouts done. It’s the discipline behind the madness that keeps me going. I’m looking to translate some of that discipline into other areas of my life.

I have been working with a running coach, which has been the math focus of my workouts. It’s nice to have someone else to structure my run workouts. But it’s up to me to get my strength workouts in and still

get my workouts done. I wish I had more time to work out, but I’m

limited to an hour a day and my “long” run day.

I could probably eke out more time, but there are other things I need to focus on, too. That’s the hard part of being a parent is finding the time to get things done. I don’t like my workout time to interfere with my time

with Tot. It can’t always work out that way, but I don’t want to make it a regular occurrence.

Enough chatter. Let’s get to the workouts.

Last week’s workouts:

Monday: 40 min easy running. Last week was a step-back week on my mileage, and things started to pick up this week. I did this workout on my treadmill. I ended up walking most of this workout with 2. 80 miles.

Weekly workouts may 10-16
Tuesday: 45 min upper body bike boot camp. I’ve lost a lot of muscle tone in my arms, so I need to focus on some upper body. Boot camp workouts are great to get in cardio and upper bodywork. I finished off with a 10 min cool-down ride.

Weekly workouts may 10-16
Wednesday: 5K time trial. Coach scheduled this test of my 8K time, and I was a bit disappointed. I ran my 5k in 43:51. I want to improve and be better; It just didn’t seem like I was moving in the right direction. Looking at my splits, this was a very positive run and the fastest I’ve run in a long time. I’m too busy comparing myself to who I use to be before having Tot. I need to take the time to celebrate the little victories and take the successes.

Thursday: A meditation walk. 1. 64 miles of just re-balancing myself. Much need chill time.

Weekly workouts may 10-16
Friday: 90min long run. The weather was great for May for this mm. I took it slow and steady, and I felt pretty good when I finished. Long runs are supposed slower than your other runs, which I had no problem with during the run. I felt good, but I felt slow. I ran 6 miles.

Saturday: 30 min recovery run tend 15 min strength for runners. I walked the entire recovery mas because that is what I felt like I need. I got in 2 miles in 30 minutes and got my strength workout down. I didn’t want to do the strength workout, but I have goals, and that’s the only way to get it done.

Sunday: Rest day

That’s it. This is my week of workouts. I’m looking to find more balance in my workouts. Sunday and Thursday are usually rest days, but I’ll do something if I’m feeling a Thursday workout.

Earn rewards for working out

Also, I’ve been using Paceline to get workout rewards. This week was my $10 gift certificate reward, so I got an Athleta gift card. It’s simple to earn rewards. You need to work out 150 mins 180 mins per day) for a week. Every week you earn a $1 reward to places like Amazon or Wal-Mart (among others). Every four weeks, you get a $5 bonus for places like Dunkin’ and Target (among others). Follow the link to download the app to get started.

What was your favorite workout last week? How many times a week do you workout?

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