Hello all, from a social distancing house. Can you believe what’s going on in the world right now? Did you ever think someone would tell you shouldn’t leave your home? It’s really a tough situation, but we are stronger together. Please give yourself the grace to feel whatever it is you need to feel, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Some days you might be super motivated to get stuff done, and other days you might want to sit around in your pajamas.  It’s a time in life when we aren’t in control of the things happening around us, but… View Post

Episode #2: Changing your mindset “Just give up the state of mind you’re in. If you want to be somebody else. If you’re tired of fighting battles with yourself, if you want to be somebody else, change your mind.” – Sister Hazel Introduction: It’s that time again for another episode of the podcast. I’m excited to talk about the change in mindset this week. I’m not sure why it makes me so energized, but I feel it’s an essential aspect of self-improvement.  There is going to be storytime this week to show examples of how I had to change my… View Post

Episode #1: Mom works podcasting out “Every ending is a chance to begin again.” – Claire Wyndham Follow me on the socials: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mom-works-it-out/id1497471749 Subcribe on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/14j9TkJHPJ6Nsiia1UFaic?si=NEG-tdpuQvKDaamD7dww6Q Twitter: @momworksitout Instagram: @momworksitout YouTube: @AngelaGillis Blog: momworksitout.com Welcome to the first episode of the Mom Works It Out podcast. I’m Angela, and you’re probably listening to know what this is all about. I’ll give you my YouTube intro, but the beauty of a podcast is there’s more time to go into detail. I’m Angela. I lost 200 pounds and fell in love with running. Now I’m trying to… View Post

The start of the new year is a time of year when people get in gear about health and fitness, and I want everyone to succeed at those goals. I wanted to share with you tips on creating healthy habits. When a person creates habits, you will be more likely to engrain those routines into your everyday life where it doesn’t seem like work. No diets. Not fads. It is just creating the habits that will take you on a new journey. Creating a new routine isn’t necessarily about weight loss and can be applied to any habits you are… View Post

Happy New Year! I haven’t posted in the new year not because it wasn’t on my mind, but because I was just trying to get my ish together. Everyone suggests the new year brings all of these fabulous things, and we all of a sudden become new people. Where it may be the start of a new year (and in this case; a fresh new decade), we are still the same people on December 31, 2019, 11:59 pm as we are on January 1, 2020. There’s nothing magical that happens. We all don’t develop a case of new year amnesia. … View Post