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Episode #4 – Make your own productivity definition

Mom Works It Out Podcast Episode #4 – Make your own productivity definition Introduction: Another week of the podcast and talking about what’s new with me this week.  TMJ, COVID testing, and a bit more running has taken over my life. Follow me on the socials:  Instagram and twitter: @ItsAngelaGillis Watch my YouTube: http://youtube.com/AngelaGillis Blog: www.momworksitout.com Sign up for the newsletter. Currently: Reading: When We Believed in Mermaids by Barbara O’Neal. Still reading A Beautiful Work in Progress by Mirna Valerio Watched Last Chance U This week’s topic: Productivity and what it really means How to create your productivity: A… View Post

Episode #3 – Living a positive life

It’s been a LONG minute since I posted a podcast, but I’m here now. This week’s episode of the podcast focuses on living a positive life and a little background on how I haven’t been living a positive life. In the episode, I got over some of my favorites: books, tv, and YouTube, plus I give you tips on getting into a positive life mindset. Episode #3 – Living a positive life Mom Works It Out Podcast July 28, 2020 “You only get what you give.” – The New Radicals Introduction: It’s that time again for another episode of the… View Post

How to make a change

Going back to regular content after social media supported Black Lives Matter by uplifting black voices last week seems a bit odd. There’s still a discussion in progress that I don’t want to end. People are open to knowing and understanding at this moment in time. I encourage all of us to do better and look at what we can do to change the way race is handled in our country. I will get back to regular content, but I didn’t feel I could return to blogging without getting this post done. I don’t tend to talk about race because… View Post

Lessons from the social distancing thing

Hello all, from a social distancing house. Can you believe what’s going on in the world right now? Did you ever think someone would tell you shouldn’t leave your home? It’s really a tough situation, but we are stronger together. Please give yourself the grace to feel whatever it is you need to feel, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Some days you might be super motivated to get stuff done, and other days you might want to sit around in your pajamas.  It’s a time in life when we aren’t in control of the things happening around us, but… View Post

Episode #2: Changing your mindset

Episode #2: Changing your mindset “Just give up the state of mind you’re in. If you want to be somebody else. If you’re tired of fighting battles with yourself, if you want to be somebody else, change your mind.” – Sister Hazel Introduction: It’s that time again for another episode of the podcast. I’m excited to talk about the change in mindset this week. I’m not sure why it makes me so energized, but I feel it’s an essential aspect of self-improvement.  There is going to be storytime this week to show examples of how I had to change my… View Post