Do I still meal prep?

I’ve read the e-mails and I know people want more food stuff on the blog because it’s seriously lacking.  I have to be real, we do a modified food prep thing in our house right now.  Eating in our house has been a little lackluster and some weeks I just noticed I was wasting money on food.  The short answer to the questions is: yes.  Now he’s the long explanation:

The grocery haul. Meal prep is happening soon and it has to be done in 90 mins. #donthavetimeforthat #fitfluential

We still make our weekly trips to grocery store and I do start out with good intentions. It’s day to day with me so there are just some days I can’t stomach some things…or they just smell horrible to me. My whole breakfast plan has been destroyed. I loved eggs and oatmeal, but I can’t really eat that anymore. I go through phases with oatmeal and I can tolerate it, but I can’t have it every day. It makes my poor heart cry because I love it so much. The egg thing has been with me from the beginning and I just can’t do eggs.


Breakfast is hard for me.  this morning I had a sad piece of chicken and some low-calorie french toast (that ended up making me feel a little sick).  It was a breakfast fail but it was looked and smelled so good!

Meal prepping just hasn’t been at the forefront for me. It’s more for Willie. We are keeping the house stocked with the same stuff, I just eat it at weird times. There are some days I will end up eating peanut butter and jelly for breakfast because I just don’t know what’s going to be appealing. Or there are the days, I end up eating soup. It’s just very crazy.

This week I was able to eat the meal the majority of the week. We made turkey spaghetti. (That is one hard word to remember to spell.) Willie has made numerous meals of turkey meat loaf, smothered chicken, and various other chicken dishes that I just haven’t eaten. I’ll eat it for one day and then I’ll be on to the next thing. That’s why I say I’ve been wasting money a bit. I really try to stick with it. (photo by Willie)

Healthy choice all natural

And for lunch (and most of the time breakfast for me), we’ve just been eating Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice Steamer meals. When I find something I can like and will eat…I’m going to eat it and not stray from the course. I find the lower sodium meals and go for it.  These have been a staple in our weight loss journey from the beginning.  I won’t act any differently.  We ate these meals almost every day and lost weight.  It’s about portion control and a balanced diet.


Fruit hasn’t really been my thing lately but I’m still getting it in my diet.  Right now life is about convenience so I’m trying to keep things healthy and on the go most of the time.  That is why I spend the extra money on snacks like these apples, pretzels, and cheese.  Yes, I know I could put this together at home myself, but I know there would be times when it just wouldn’t happen.

Now that I’ve reached the end of my post, the main point I want to drive home is meal prepping doesn’t have to be this stressful and painful task.  It’s about being prepared and adaptable.  I’ve just had to change my meal prepping style for something that works for me right now.  I know things won’t always be like this, but for now, this is what works for me.

Have you missed my meal prepping posts?  Do you meal prep on the regular?  What makes meal prepping easy for you?