Happy Late Friday from the road

I’m a bad blogger, I didn’t post anything at all today. I have a good excuse, I was driving in the car all day. It’s Ruben Studdard Celebration weekend which means I’m gearing up for the 3rd Annual Magic City Half Marathon. I am looking forward to the race even though it’s supposed to be really COLD.  I’m trying to decide if I’m actually going to run this race or just have a good time.  To try to PR or not?  I AM supposed to be in taper!

I wish I could say I am having a good day but I’m really not. On the way here we stopped at Panera Bread because I haven’t been there ever. It was an impromptu stop because I was really going for Subway but I saw Panera along the way. I wish I would have just gone to Subway because I really didn’t enjoy my meal.

Lunch from @panerabread. I didn't enjoy it too much though. #lunch #healthyeats #latergram #healthy #salad #chickennoodlesoup

What I did enjoy was the calorie count posted on the menu. It made for easy ordering except I do look into fat content also, so I had to look that up online while I waited in line. I got a salad and soup. I didn’t enjoy the salad at all because they didn’t have vinegar. I couldn’t bring myself to eat the bbq ranch or bbq sauce. The soup was really good too…and they serve it with a butt load of bread which was good but I try to stay away from a lot of bread.

When I’m not having a good day I try to think of something positive about myself and I often ask others to tell me something positive about themselves. I didn’t get many responses when I ask earlier, probably because people were at work. I did get a few great responses on twitter, so thanks for sharing with me. I will share something positive about myself now. I am a good listener and I just like to talk to people, which is odd because I never liked to talk to people before.

How do you snap out of a bad day? What is one positive thing about yourself you would like to share?