Divulgence of kale & everything else I’ve been eating

I know kale is one of those things that is super healthy for us and we’re supposed to want to eat it.  I’ve done my fair share of talking about kale myself. I have to admit, I don’t like making kale.  I almost want to say that I don’t like kale but that wouldn’t be the truth.  I do like kale…when someone else prepares it. I can’t seem to make the stuff taste good on my own, so I prefer to buy the stuff at the store. Kale is to taste good and it’s just not something I’ve mastered.  I’ll leave it to the experts.


Yes, that’s right.  My pregnancy cravings have been full blown on kale and I’ve been spending all my extra hard earned money from teaching at the gym…on kale.  How sad is that? I need a second job to fuel my kale habit.  It’s pretty bad. Yes, I could save the money and make it on my own, but it won’t taste quite so good…and then I’ll be screwed. It could be worse? A couple of weeks ago I craved chicken fingers. I ate them and I was sick. My body isn’t use to that. But I may or may not be craving mashed potatoes and egg rolls, together.

Looks like chicken salad and kale salad are making another round for this weeks #breakfast. #healthy #health #healthyeats #fotfluential #mealprep #mealprepsunday #healthyeating #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitpregnancy #preggo

I haven’t been able to handle eggs for breakfast anymore which really makes me sad because I love eggs. I’ve had to switch things up so I’ve had chicken salad, kale salad and a sweet potato (with greek yogurt and chives) for breakfast. It’s been a meal that’s worked for me so I’ll stick with it. I changed up my chicken salad recipe a bit so I’ll have to share that with you next week.

I’ve been looking for these Larabar bites since I spotted them on someone’s blog a few weeks back. I couldn’t find them until I made an impromtu trip to target. THESE THINGS ARE DELICIOUS. I’ve only had the chocolate macaroon but it’s so good. I eat them pre-workout to fuel me through. Oh and I might have one or two at night. I could seriously eat the whole bag in a sitting if I wanted, but that’s not the responsible thing to do.

And then there’s the Mexican food that I want so bad. This morning, I begged Willie to make me fajitas for breakfast, but he said he had to go to work. I’m trying to keep it healthy and Chipotle is my go to choice to keep my mexican food healthy but it’s 20 minutes away. I settled for Freebirds and got this burritto bowl. It was delicious, but a little spicy with that corn salsa. I’m always trying to keep those calories in check.

Because things always look better on somone elses plate, what have you been eating this week?  Are you watching your calories or do you not care?