What the kale? Reap the kale health benefits.

Are you eating kale? Chances are you’re probably not. Quinoa and kale have become a “trendy” food to eat because of their health benefits, but most people aren’t eating these things at home. Today, I’m going to talk to you about kale because I love it. It’s a tricky green to work with sometimes. If you’re not eating kale, you’re missing out on the kale health benefits like mega nutrients in one little plant.

Kale is a superfood! It’s loaded with tons of nutrients. The darker the green, the better it is for you and kale greens are some of the darkest. That means there must be some powerful stuff smashed in those greens. Kale is relatively cheap for a bushel. It’s usually the green that people don’t know what to do with. Kale is a nutrient dense green because it’s loaded with beta-carotene (which your body can turn into Vitamin A), Vitamin C and Vitamin K along with other important vitamins. Kale also has 3 grams of protein per serving and is roughly 30 calories too.

So how I eat my kale?
Trying out a new #smoothie I made this AM. Spinach, strawberries, mango, banana and almond milk.,
I know a lot of people sneak it in smoothies. There’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t really every taste it, but it’s there giving you all those nutrients.

365:71 Kale Chips
I’ve made kale chips which are pretty good. Just be sure to not overcook them. Overcooked kale is no bueno.

Kale: my favorite superfood!
I’ve also sauteed it up! People always think kale needs to be in a cold salad, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is just as great warmed!

Prepping for dinner. #spinach and #kale salad. #sundaydinner #eatfresh #healthyeats #vegetable #veggies #fitfluential
And of course, I eat kale in a cold salad too. It’s my favorite salad to eat! Tip: kale is a brittle leaf. If you want a soft leaf kale, it’s best to stick with baby kale. If you’re going with the bushel of kale, you’re going to need to massage your greens. Yes, it sounds funny but this what you have to do to change this fibrous and bitter green into something great. I do recommend that you remove the leaves from the stem. The stem is very tough and not something you’re going to eat easily.

Made some kale salad today. We got all the meal prep done. Did you? #fitfluential #fitfam #mealprep #sundaysetup #foodie
Back to massaging your kale, five minutes will do the trick to transform this green. I usually pour a small amount of olive oil and a citrus juice over the kale and just massage it. This allows the cellulose in the greens to break down and become something great. The more time you spend handling the kale, the more it will break down.

Kale is a superfood you must add in your diet now! Eating is more than just eating calories, it’s about getting nutrients too. When you eating kale, you’re hitting a nutrient jackpot.

Do you like kale? How do you prefer to eat it?