My pledge to my blog readers

It’s time for me to face reality.  I’ve failed all of you.  Once upon a time I planned out blog posts.  I talked about relevant topics.  I actually put the effort in and then something happened.  I started traveling more and doing quick fixes.  I stopped actually making time for the blog in respects to self-improvement, eating and just overall fitness.  I wish I could say planning was the problem, but I know I felt like I lost my voice along the way.

Willie and I gained a lot of publicity in a short period of time, again, which kind of made me want to shy away from the blog.  We are not attention seeking people so it’s weird to have that kind of spotlight on us.  That light was kind of pressure to create content; pressure to create great content all the time.  In blogging, that doesn’t happen all the time.  I won’t go as far to say it’s a hit or miss thing, but this is a job.  It’s a job you have to love to make it work because so much goes into it.


Now I’m sitting here in my room at Fitbloggin’ where I’m reflecting on all that I’ve learned today.  I needed to come to this conference to refocus and see if my heart is really in this blogging thing.  I’m writing this to tell you, that I’ve been inspired and motivated and yes my heart is in it.  I want to make this blog be the best that it can be; not for myself but for you.

My goal has always been to help, motivate and inspire others to do achieve great things in life.  I have failed on that point this year, but things will get better.  There is always a learning curve in anything that we do in life.  It just took coming to this conference for me to realize and admit I just wasn’t providing valuable information to my readers.  

It’s time for me to come out of my cave that I’ve been in this year.  I’m horrible with change and this year has been filled with some changes.  Dealing with those changes has left me unfocused on this blog and content blocked.  I’ve had plenty of things to speak about, but those are just things you wouldn’t want to here.

It’s time to re-emerge and I’m thankful y’all (so Southern) will be coming with me.