Divulgence of kale & everything else I’ve been eating

I know kale is one of those things that is super healthy for us and we’re supposed to want to eat it.  I’ve done my fair share of talking about kale myself. I have to admit, I don’t like making kale.  I almost want to say that I don’t like kale but that wouldn’t be the truth.  I do like kale…when someone else prepares it. I can’t seem to make the stuff taste good on my own, so I prefer to buy the stuff at the store. Kale is to taste good and it’s just not something I’ve mastered.  I’ll… View Post

Five Things Friday: Eating out and staying healthy

I’m bringing back the five things Friday because it was something I enjoyed but kind of got away from in the past.  This Friday I’m talking about all the places I don’t mind eating out without completely blowing my healthy caloric intake.  Sometimes I do indulge but for the most part I’m trying to stay with what makes me comfortable.  When I’m on a road trip or just out and I need to eat on the go these are some places I really enjoy. Subway.  This isn’t a secret.  When I’m on the road and there’s nothing I comfortable with… View Post

WIAW: Lots of salad or nothing at all

Hello all! Happy Wednesday. I wasn’t going to do this post because I really haven’t wanted to eat much of anything since the race on Saturday. I have to set reminders for meal time. I just haven’t been hungry. But I have all these food pictures so it’s only right for a What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). On Thursday night, I threw together a stir fry. Willie made some really yummy food last week but on this particular night I wanted something else. This is what I threw together very quickly. Friday night I went to Salata to get a salad… View Post