Never give up

There are a few new faces to the blog because of some media coverage that has occured so I wanted to say a big HELLO to all of you.  Thanks for coming by the site and sharing your kind words.  With all the new faces, the questions begin to roll in.  People want to know how to get started on their weight loss journey, what did we do, what about the loose skin and how long did all of that take?  All those questions have been answered here on the blog many many times.

Those questions are really great questions that deserve really great answers.  Sometimes people might be missing the point with the weight loss thing.  Getting started is the easy part; sticking with it is the challenge.  Finding balance and continuing to push through is the real challenge in any journey but can be daunting in a weight loss journey.

Never give up is today's #mondaymotivation. I wear it on my wrist so when times get tough I can always look down for a little reminder. Things will get hard and you will want to quit, but she it through to the end and you just might be surprised at the fi


It’s going to be hard.  You will hit the back slide.  You will plateau.  You fill face some challenges, probably some things you never thought you would face.  Just don’t let that overcome you and pull you to a place where you give up.


It took me 15 months to lose 170 pounds.  That is when I hit my “goal weight” but that road was filled with lots of challenges…and some sacrifice.  Life if filled with many distractions of fast food and TV time and I had to fight against that for cooking at home, carrying food with me at all times and just working in that gym time.  There were times I chose not to do some activities with others because it could lead me to some distracting behavior.  There is a constant push and pull, but I hung in there.

There were times when I wanted to call it quits but I knew I had made a committment to better health and in the end, that was the most important thing.  I did begin with the end in mind which helped me see the journey.

Please remember you can do it and even when things are rough, you’re just growing better and stronger. Continue the path and you just might be surprised at what is there at the end.  We are capable of so much more than we ever imagined but if we give up, we’ll never know what we were meant to do.