Why is loose skin such a big issue?

I’ve talked about loose skin many many (did I say many?) time before. Everyone seems to be really concern about loose skin. I have a question for you: why is loose skin such a big issue?

Since I was asked about it again, I decided to make a video about it so you can actually see me talking about it. The video is short and I hope it answers your question. I also wrote a blog post on it maybe last year or the year before.

I’m still baffled with this actually being an issue. I do not mock and I don’t criticize those who do wonder about the issue. I am seeking to understand why people are focused/concerned about having loose skin?


I know I was overweight. I did that to myself. No one forced me to eat badly and not be active. It happened over a period of time and I choose not to care about the last effects. I ignored it and whet on with my life. Losing the weight was a great thing and loose skin was just a consequence of it all.

Some have written me terrified of losing the weight because of ending up with loose skin. Where I don’t completely understand why or how I would let that stand in my way to better health and lifestyle, I do always tell people there is something you can do about that. There is a surgery for that. Yes, it’s expensive but maybe it’s just a small price to pay for something that crosses your mind so much.

Loose skin sometimes is a sensitive topic and I know my thoughts on it are different than others so I’ll leave it there. But I still would like to know….

Why are people worried about having loose skin?