The case of writers block

Writers block has got me down.  I don’t know what to post here.  I have lots of things going around in my head but I can’t narrow it down.  Maybe I’m lacking focus…or maybe I just want to share something new with you but I just don’t know what.  It’s about evolution, but I guess I’m still trying to narrow in on who exactly I am. I’ve been taking it easy because I know the next couple of weeks are going to crazy BUT exciting.  Yes, there will be more travel and running posts. So what’s been going on in my… View Post

Happy National Running Day

It’s a day to celebrate running and we all know how much I love running! I thought I would start off the day the right way by working out. I went to Group Power and then I came home to put on a running shirt. I had too many decisions. I didn’t know which one to wear. I chose The Louisiana Marathon shirt because it was my first marathon and it’s my favorite race of the entire year! This is the part why I tell you why I love to run. I run because it makes me believe what I… View Post

Race Recap: Austin 10/20

Sunday I ran the Austin 10/20 with my running friends.  I didn’t realize so many of us were running! There was a huge group which always makes for a great picture. I won’t lie, this race isn’t my most favorite race in the world. But I like the atmosphere and the people which essentially end up making it a great race. The course is uber boring. The Austin 10/20 is 10 miles with 20 bands. There are a lot of people who run this race and the bands are pretty good. I stopped to take pictures of my favorite bands.… View Post

Race Recap: Zooma Texas Half Marathon

This weekend was full of races.  On Saturday, I ran the Zooma Women’s Texas Half Marathon in Bastrop, TX! We’re all crazy. Half marathon on Saturday, 10 miler on Sunday. We had to get up super early to make it to the race but when the sun came up we were all optimistic. Missy was running her first 10K. I think she’s going in the wrong order though. 10K first and then the half marathon, but she missed the memo in New Orleans. So we got a selfie before the race started. At the starting line I had no business… View Post

Happy Friday! Watch out RnR Dallas!

It’s an exciting weekend and a much deserved break, I guess.  I’m heading to Dallas to run Rock n Roll Dallas with my buddies and to represent Team Chocolate Milk! Last year, Rock n Roll Dallas was my first Rock n Roll and probably the race that awakened the running beast in me!  Also, it kind of fueled my NEED to want to be on Team Refuel (aka TEAM CHOCOLATE MILK)!  I meet so many great people and the group was so welcoming, I knew I had to be on the team.  Plus, that was really the first time I’d… View Post