Counting my blessings

I must admit the past week hasn’t been kind to me. Things have been kind of rough. I’ve been going through some things that have just consumed me when it shouldn’t. I kind of let other things fall by the wayside. On Tuesday, I vented my feelings and all of the sudden I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I guess maybe just holding it in was half the problem. I am dedicating this post to counting my blessings from this week.

I am thankful for having a good life and my health. I didn’t have such great health a couple of years ago so I am truly happy to wake up every day and ge healthy. I also love the fact that I’m able to be active and try many different things because it is opening up new doors for me. I love working out and being active so it’s nice that it’s something I love and not something I have to do.

I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband who allows me to dream. He has never stood in the way of anything I’ve wanted to do. He goes to the races with me and most of the time waits on the sidelines. He wakes up at weird hours in the morning to make sure I’m doing what I should be doing to accomplish my dreams. He supports me when I’m down and lifts me up always. He stands by me when I find something else I want to accomplish and he really supports my sport habit. He believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. And he sits at Starbucks with me while I soak up all the free ice coffee I can take. We sat for hours last weekend.


I am thankful for having a great family and friends too. It’s always nice to have people around me who loved and knew me back then. Lots of people are only getting the pleasure of meeting the me now (that sounds a little cocky but I mean it in the sincerest form) and kind of miss some of the old parts of me…even though they are still there. I don’t know how to explain but it’s kind of not the same. Family is family even if we don’t like them all the time, we always love them, right? And the same goes with my truest friends. Life is never perfect, but it’s how we deal with that defines us as people. So it’s nice to have a great support system behind you when life is hard!

On the news front:

I’ve decided I’m going to run the Area 13.1 in Roswell, GA. It’s an alien run. I hope I can survive the invasion and the heat! It starts at 7:00 pm so maybe it won’t be that bad. I wonder if I need to bring a headlamp?

It’s been wicked hot this week and yesterday I decided I should try to run in the heat of the day. Not the smartest idea ever. Let’s just say it was the longest 3.5 miles of life and it was HARD. Definitely not my finest moment, but it was a good reason to really enjoy my chocolate milk.


And we got some Team Refuel gear! I was so freakin’ excited to get the visor and get a good group picture.


Don’t we look so good? I can’t wait for everyone to get their gear so we can take some really good pictures. There were a ton of people at the run last night and there was tons of chocolate milk to refuel after. I ran a mile and half even though that’s against my training plan. I only did it because I knew I hadn’t ran 3.5 miles earlier in the day. I knew I walked some of that because it was just dang HOT! After we left GTS it was time to eat!


I love the black bean patty from Which Wich and I usually have it on a salad. I like to write funny things on my bad and I was definitely running hungry last night!

Lastly, I was super bummed when two weeks ago I found out my headphones didn’t work. Well I thought I didn’t charge them and that’s why they didn’t work. When I finally discovered they really weren’t working was on last Monday’s run. I was super bummed. Sometimes I run without music but sometimes I just need it. I had to use headphones with WIRES, oh the horror!


Thankfully I got a replacement pair today. Less than 7 days after sending them in. They have great customer service at QAK or maybe they just wanted to get me off their back. I totally social media bombed them last week! In any case, I have new thumps and I can now thump on.

Do you workout/run with music? What’s your workout song?