Happy National Running Day

It’s a day to celebrate running and we all know how much I love running!

Happy National #Running Day! In wearing my first #marathon race shirt to celebrate! @thelamarathon #fitfluential #run #runners #runhappy #geauxrun
I thought I would start off the day the right way by working out. I went to Group Power and then I came home to put on a running shirt. I had too many decisions. I didn’t know which one to wear. I chose The Louisiana Marathon shirt because it was my first marathon and it’s my favorite race of the entire year!

This is the part why I tell you why I love to run. I run because it makes me believe what I thought was impossible is obtainable. A few years ago I could barely walk a mile without getting winded, now I can run a mile and still be winded. It’s all baby steps, right? I run marathons now. Who would have thought?

Running has allowed me to open up, make new friends, test new limits and see the world. My life would be greatly different without it. The joy of the run is still there, even when I hate it. It’s just something I love to do because I feel free. It’s time I spend with myself thinking about everything in life. I find solace out there on the pavement and suddenly everything is possible.

There’s not much better than that.

What can I say? This girl loves to run!

And the medals aren’t too bad either.

It's a PR: 2:12:20!  A minute and a half off my time. Had a great time with my Got Chocolate Milk Team.  I was happy in my #finishstrong moment, eh?
Plus the longer I run the more chocolate milk I get to drink. It’s one of the best parts of running. Chocolate milk to aid in recovery and the pancakes that go with it! 😛 After all, I am built with chocolate milk.

Today is the day you can make the change. Get out and enjoy the outdoors to WALK and/or RUN! I know everyone isn’t able to run but running starts with walking. Make National Running Day the day you chose to make a different by challenging yourself to get active! I’ll be doing five sweaty miles this evening.

How are you celebrating National Running Day? What’s the best part of running for you?