Tips for new runners

It’s about time for me to get back on my blogging game and provide some useful information. Right now I’m about to start my marathon training for Chicago so running is on my mind. Plus, I feel like I’m starting all over again so this is the time for me to share tips for new runners since I feel like a new runner…again.

Tips for new runners

1. Build your base. It’s easy to get super jazzed about running. It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others. You have to put all of those things aside and just build your base week after week. Add a mile a week to what you’re doing and run smart. This will ward off an injury so you can stick with it. You’re already going to be fighting off some aches and pains, don’t add an injury to it at the start.

2. Get the right shoes and socks. All running shoes are not created equal. You will need to find the right shoes for your feet. Get checked at your local running store to see if you have a neutral foot or pronate. Finding the right shoe will make a big difference in your running form and the fun factor of the experience. Don’t get wrapped up in the color or style, find the shoe that works best for you feet and let the fashion aspect come last.

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Also, socks are just as important as shoes. There are different types of socks out there and everyone has their own preferences. Those plain cotton socks aren’t going to cut it. (Well, those socks might cut your feet.) Find the socks that are going to work for you and buy a bunch. Yes, you will spend $10 for a pair of socks and you’ll be grateful for it.

3. Be consistent with your running. If you plan on running three days a week, run those three days a week, week after week. If you stay consistent you can gradually build your base, get faster and just enjoy the experience without feeling like you’re starting over with every run. Consistency is key for gaining speed. It’s not the only thing that will make you fast, but it’s one of the things that will keep your endurance and fitness levels up to help you gain speed.

4. Join a running group. This is a good way to make some friends and never have to run alone. Joining my running group set my running schedule too so I was able to stay consistent. Plus, a running group is a built-in support for all the highs and lows you’ll experience. You will always have someone to talk to and seek running advice too. Introduce yourself, explain you’re new to running and just want to try things out. I’m sure someone will be there to welcome you and help you out.

These are just a few tips I have for people who are starting to run now. I know it’s a subject that is often talked about but it’s different from person to person.

Do you have any tips for new runners?