Today is my birthday

I’m one year older and wiser and I don’t mind!  My 20s weren’t that eventful and filled with lots of LOWS but my 30s are amazing!  For the first time I starting to live my life.  I’m starting to enjoy things and I’m definitely starting to open up.  I still have my moments of being down trodden, but I promise you those moments are FEW and far between.

So what do I want to tackle in my next year in life?


1. I want to eat more froyo!  Wait, I shouldn’t do that.  I probably have too much as it is. Notice there is no froyo in that cup because I inhale it immediately.


2. I want to run a 4:30 marathon!  I’m a consistent 4:58 marathoner but I’m searching for something more.  The thing is this is attainable but I’ve always died on the back half.  My training will focus more on being stronger on my long runs instead of just trying to complete those miles.  I will get this 4:30 goal, I PROMISE!

3. I want to become a triathlete!  While I may not be able to complete my first half ironman by my next birthday, I will have already signed up for one that I will do in 2015!  I can’t let fear get to me!

4. I want to feel less guilty about how I spend my time.  I carry it around a lot because Willie and I are doing what we want to do because we couldn’t before.  The world has opened up for us and we want to take advantage of every possibility and opportunity. I sometimes feel bad because that means I don’t necessarily have time to do the things I always did in the past.  I feel like I’m in a constant struggle with myself which manifests into guilt.


5. I want to run a BIG marathon.  So I know you’re thinking, you just ran the Great Wall of China! I know that was BIG but I’m searching for something more! Boston is really off the list because I won’t qualify for it until I’m 85.  Hopefully I’ll still be able to run.  Chicago Marathon, MCM, NYC Marathon, Big Sur Marathon…I’m looking at you.

6. I want to continue to be happy.  I know with a great husband at my side, we can and will conquer the world and that is the thing that makes me happiest!

7. Most importantly, I want to take my brand to the next level.  We Beat Fat has become a major part of my life.  It’s opened the door for many great things.  I’m working on building the brand.  On the same note, I’m helping Willie build his brand too! The journey is something we did together but our stories are different.  We balance each other out and we are two different building trying to build something together!  Look for big changes in the future!

5 miles at 5 on my birthday! #fitfluential #fitness #running #runchat #sweatpink
My first official birthday act was running this morning. Five miles at 5 am was just what I needed, except I wanted to run longer, but this stupid thing called work got in the way!

So now that it’s halfway through the year, how are you on reaching your goals set back in January? Can you do better or are you right on track?