It’s about time for me to get back on my blogging game and provide some useful information. Right now I’m about to start my marathon training for Chicago so running is on my mind. Plus, I feel like I’m starting all over again so this is the time for me to share tips for new runners since I feel like a new runner…again. 1. Build your base. It’s easy to get super jazzed about running. It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others. You have to put all of those things aside and just build your base… View Post

My running group is great.  I love being a Strutter as most of you can tell from my race pictures.  These people have come into my life and made it so much sunnier.  My Monday and Wedesdays have been filled with hanging out with these people until recently and maybe it’s time for a little transparency. There are a few explanations that I could offer here.  Let’s start with the easiest explanation: I was just injured.  It’s not that I don’t want to run but I just couldn’t.  It hurt.  It was painful and it kind of made me sad.… View Post

This weekend was full of races.  On Saturday, I ran the Zooma Women’s Texas Half Marathon in Bastrop, TX! We’re all crazy. Half marathon on Saturday, 10 miler on Sunday. We had to get up super early to make it to the race but when the sun came up we were all optimistic. Missy was running her first 10K. I think she’s going in the wrong order though. 10K first and then the half marathon, but she missed the memo in New Orleans. So we got a selfie before the race started. At the starting line I had no business… View Post

It was a busy weekend! I planned to post on Friday but I decided to volunteer my time for the race instead. I hope you guys understand! I didn’t get a chance to help out a ton this year so I wanted to do my part to help out. On Friday night, we had our annual running group pasta party! A lot of people showed up this year which made me happy. We got there early to order off the menu before the masses arrived. So glad we did that because a bunch of folks were there to enjoy the… View Post

You know what?  It’s super hard for me not to run.  I know I needed to take the days off but I really just wanted to run and I had already built up this serious running thing.  I had to take a few days off which is fine because I still had to teach my cycle classes. I need to take it easy and not hurt myself. I think people always forget about recovery! After the marathon I thought I would be hurting but I’m not.  I’m having a little ache in my knees but that’s due to not stretching… View Post