The daily life and the medals

Good afternoon everyone! I had this post planned today about hydration and I just wasn’t feeling it. That will probably have to come tomorrow because it’s important information. I’m not feeling much today. I’m feeling lazy and tired. I really didn’t take much time to recover two weeks ago from the marathon and then I went and ran another one. I’m a little off my marathon game. So here I am blogging to you today about…not much.

The @lrmarathon staff made sure we got new medals that weren't broken. Thank you so much! It's like Christmas at our house. That bling though! #racebling #littlerockmarathon #littlerock #marathonmaniacs #medal

Yesterday there was good news in the mail. We got our Little Rock Marathons in the mail again. This time I got my 5K medal and got an unbroken marathon medal. I was super jazzed that we received replacement medals so quickly and without any hassle. A++ to the staff at the Little Rock Marathon and Hasty Awards for being awesome.

Hung my new medal rack today. Now my #marathon medals have their own rack. Of course, a few medals are too big to be put on the rack. Those have another place. #marathonmaniacs #fitspiraton #instarunners #runchat #runlife #runaholic #runalltheraces
I got a new medal rack at the Mercedes Marathon back in February. I never hung it up until yesterday. I thought it was time because my other rack was overflowing. Now my marathon medals have a place of their own and aren’t mixed in with my half marathon and other race medals. I’m not being a marathons snob…I’m just on a marathon quest.

It’s so true though, it’s a lot of work for a free banana!  Most of the time, I can’t even eat the bananas at the end. Maybe I’m not getting free use of all race amenities?

Marathon medals

Granted, I can’t hang all my marathon medals on the rack because the wall would come down.

I don’t know if I blogged about it but I’ve been itching for new state. I think it’s being around all those people who are traveling every week state to state. My 10th state was supposed to be California in May, but guess what? I’m going to Kentucky to run the Horse Capital Marathon in Lexington, KY now! It was on a whim and requires a little bit of a road trip. I was nervous about making the trip by myself, but I found someone from my running group to go with me. It should be a really great time. I really had my eyes set on the Kentucky Derby Festival marathon but this will do too. Kentucky is all about the horses so as long as that’s included, it will do for my quest experiences.


When I was in Kansas, I got a new water bottle. This is important because it’s getting hotter. I have big plans for the summer which means I’ll be running around in the heat all summer. I’m trying to drink at least three full bottles a day. It’s been helpful and I can take it with me everywhere. And it’s a pretty color.

Are some good marathons in your state?  I need to know about all the marathons so I can choose.