Birthday confession: the secret I’ve never told

Today is my birthday. It’s my 35th year of life and this is kind of a big birthday for me. I am absolutely living my best life now and in a place I never thought I would be. I never would have thought I would have accomplished so much or inspired so many people. It’s just all a blessing.


I woke up this morning not wanting to get out and workout but the hardest part is getting out of the door. My first official act of my 35th birthday was a jog/walk of 3.33 miles. 

So now it’s time for my birthday confession…

I’ve been super vague about a lot of things going on. You may have wondered why my trips have come to stop in the middle of race season or why there was kind of a halt in my marathon running. The reason all of that came to a crashing halt is because I’m pregnant.

I didn’t think the responsible thing to do was to run multiple marathons in a weekend or even run a marathon every weekend. So I’ve racked up a lot of unused airline tickets and ate a lot of race fees for a good reason. It was kind of hard to swallow at first because running is something that I love to do. My quest has been my main priority for the past 2 years and in the blink of an eye all of that just stopped.

I finished the 50k an hour and half faster than last year. No rain, no mud; just good people and the open trails. I really had no business #running this far today but I did. It was a great time @trailracingovertexas #brazosbend. #webeatfat #teamnuun #gtst

The day I kind of knew we the day of Brazos Bend 50K because that was probably the hardest run of my life but I really thought it was because it was a humid day. But I knew by mile 7 something else was going on because it smelled like a horrible mess out there and it was the first time it ever smelled like that. I wanted to throw up the entire day. In the end, I did end up finishing the 50K but I was highly suspicious after that.

Good morning everyone. I'm here in Cincinnati for the @runflyingpig marathon weekend. Yesterday I ran the 5k and 10k and this morning I'm supposed to #run the #Marathon to capture my next state. Sadly, I won't be #running the marathon today because it's b

I found out for sure I was pregnant the weekend before I went to Cincinnati for the Flying Pig Marathon. That’s why I mysteriously dropped from the marathon to half and just suffered through it. And that’s why there has been lots of walking and spinning in my workouts lately.

It’s been a tough secret to keep and it’s kind of messed with my blogging because suddenly I had nothing to say that I could share. I couldn’t be open and transparent and it left me with not wanting to blog. It’s been a long 14 weeks but if I want to continue to blog and do all of this stuff, I need to be honest with my readers and just let it out.

So now you know.  That’s the secret I’ve never told.  It’s been so hard to keep silent, to explain but it’s time to tell now.  I guess this is my birthday present to you!