Always dream big.

It’s harder to have dreams when you’re older, right?  It sometimes seems like dreams are for the young.  Why does that have to be the case?  Why can’t the world be my oyster just like it was when I was a 5 year old.  Things were easier back then.  All my needs were met, I didn’t have to pay any bills and I didn’t have to go to work.  Dreaming big was probably the biggest job I had.

I thought I could do anything and be anyone I wanted.  Do I really need to be thinking in the past tense?  I still can do anything and be anyone I want.  The only real difference between my younger years and now is probably a lack of imagination and a lot more fear.

In college, I remember only have $50 in my bank account but I got together with my best friend and we made a whole New Orleans weekend out of it.  Granted, we only ate one hot meal and lots of Zebra cakes the entire weekend, but we still went.  That would never happen now.

Adulthood jades us.

As an adult, I’m too busy thinking about my responsibilities instead of thinking about living life.  There needs to be a healthy balance.

adulthood jades us. Don't be afraid to dream big. There's nothing wrong with wanting more. There's nothing wrong with believing. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve. Read more on the blog at #weightlossjourney #weigh

I am an adult but that doesn’t mean I need to stop dreaming.  Life doesn’t have to get in the way of all that because life is what we are living right now.  This past weekend I continued my quest and I got excited again.  My “dream big” fire has been sparked, again, and I have new perspective on the situation. I’m itching to get state #10 before my planned #10. In the end, I have to realize I’m doing something to make myself a better person and to share with the world.  If I can inspire just one person, then that is all that matters.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression about weight loss by saying this, but I feel like I want to do everything I can since losing the weight.  It’s not like that I didn’t feel like I could do things before when I was larger, but I did feel limited.  I felt boxed it.  I felt like I would never succeed because the first impression I was always going to make would be an overweight obese girl.  No matter how hard I worked or how smart I was, that would be my defining factor.  I always wanted more and believed I could always be such much more, but there were moments when the world was holding me back.  The dreams were never really squashed but sometimes my dreams were silenced. That is never a good place to be.

And that is probably a reason why I’m very gung ho now in life.  I don’t want to be silenced by anyone and I definitely don’t want to be my own reason for not experiencing the things I want to experience.  It may come across selfish to some but it’s really about seizing the moment.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to believe.  Just don’t let life pass you by because you were too busy living your life.  We only get one life, so make sure you enjoy most of it!

What is one of your big dreams?