It’s currently 2am and I can’t sleep.  I really thought I was going to sleep the whole night but I woke up around midnight and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I thought I should do some productive things so I packed up my stuff, uploaded some pictures and now I’m blogging.  Some people sleep well after a marathon, and then there’s me.  There’s no sleeping for me.  This is not news. The Louisiana Marathon weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  There is just something about this race that I just can’t get over.  The atmosphere is… View Post

I had no skin in the game here.  I just ran the Mississippi Blues Marathon the week before and I just wanted to finish.  I won’t lie when I tell you, I chose to run the marathon so I could eat some of the delicious food at the finisher festival.  Spoiler alert:  I was too tired and worn out when I finished to enjoy any of the food. As the week went on, I just wanted to do better than I did last year.  I finished last year in 4:57:53 so coming in at 4:56:59 would have been plenty for… View Post

The Louisiana Marathon race weekend is one of my favorites of the year. I can’t explain why but it just is. Maybe it’s the energy, the friendly people, the beautiful course and even the great finisher festival. It’s a race I don’t think I’ll be missing. Willie and I usually run the 5K the day before our big races. This year I was running the 5K and the full. Willie was running the 5K and the half. This year the race included the quarter marathon (6.55 miles) and I wish I would have signed up for that instead of the… View Post

I love this race because it’s a pretty course, the people are friendly and it’s just an all around good time.  I am so happy to share this race recap with you because this was a very positive experience for me. The morning started off well. I had gotten a good night’s sleep and I woke up in a very positive attitude. After battling some bad mental running issues since Memphis, waking up and feeling this good and excited meant I was already a winner! We arrived at the race and did all the necessary things but we lined up… View Post

Hello all!  I’m proud to be typing this blog post as a MARATHONER!  The weather for the weekend was great and complete opposite to Memphis, so I was truly blessed!  Last year was my first year to run this race and I knew I would be coming back.  The race hasn’t gotten too big and everything goes off without any problems.  The race is well organized and the people are fun! I loaded up the cooler with some good food and snacks and we were off. I was trying to keep the eats on track for a little bit of… View Post