Race Recap: The Advocate 5K at The Louisiana Marathon

Hello all!  I’m proud to be typing this blog post as a MARATHONER!  The weather for the weekend was great and complete opposite to Memphis, so I was truly blessed!  Last year was my first year to run this race and I knew I would be coming back.  The race hasn’t gotten too big and everything goes off without any problems.  The race is well organized and the people are fun!

I can't believe I filled up a cooler! #marathonweekend #roadtrip #healthyeats #healthy #snacks
I loaded up the cooler with some good food and snacks and we were off. I was trying to keep the eats on track for a little bit of the time and I was trying to save some money. Willie wasn’t feeling too well though so I was a little worried about him. I pumped him up with some EmergenC and he seemed to get better.

It's FINALLY happening! It's @thel amarathon weekend. 5k tomorrow and #marathon on Sunday! I'm ready!
We picked up our packets at the expo. It was a breeze. There was a lot of signing of waivers though which I thought was weird at packet pickup. That took up a lot of time. The expo was really small but bigger than last year! The event is still growing though.

Saturday morning was The Advocate 5K! It was a little chilly on this Saturday morning. The race started at 8am and it was still really cold. I wasn’t ready for that. Luckily I left my jacket in the car from a couple of weeks ago. Willie and I really wanted to wear our singlets from St. Jude since we didn’t get a chance to wear them. This is me standing at the start line in front of the Louisiana state capitol building. Did you know this is the tallest state capitol building in the US?

The goal for this race was not to PR since I was running the marathon the next day and I succeeded but I wanted to go faster. Willie and I made a deal to run this race together and we did for the most part, I took off in the last half mile because I had the signal mixed up. I thought he was telling me to go but he was telling me I was going too fast!

Team We Beat Fat is done with the 5k and no PR! 30:36 for me and 31:05 for Willie! Now to rest up for tomorrow! #runladay #run #raceday
I finished in 30:36 and Willie finished in 31:06! This was a nice preview of the first 1.5 miles of the course for Sunday because it was an out and back course! Most of it was on an overpass that was really steep but we handled it like champs. It was nice to get the legs moving. We collected our first medals of the weekend and rested up the rest of the day. Willie will have more about that on his blog. We’re tag teaming you so you’ll have to check it out later.

Was it cold in your neck of the woods this weekend?