Race Recap: Kansas City Marathon

The one thing I will take away from this trip is Kansas City is a beautiful city. My expectations were low and I wasn’t expecting much out of this marathon after not meeting my expectations in Chicago. I orginally signed up for the Kansas City Marathon after finding out that Rock n Roll St. Louis would no longer be a marathon. In a panic, I went looking for another race because Missouri was an imporant part of the plan this year. Luckily, this race was the day before Rock n Roll St. Louis! Things happen for a reason and I… View Post

Chicago Marathon 2015: Did I #OwnChicago?

The Chicago Marathon was an amazing experience.  Saturday runners walked the streets filled with anxiousness and excitement.  It was infectious! I rolled into Chicago thinking this wasn’t a big deal.  It was just another race, another state to check off my list.  I wasn’t that amped up about the race, I was excited to meet the people of Team Healthy Kids! The Chicago Marathon was something deeper for me when I first arrived, but that’s a whole other blog post. Before actually arriving, I took the experience for granted.  I didn’t see it as a big deal, but it was.… View Post

#TourdeAngie has begun with my airport food hacks

I had big things planned for the blog this week but then life got really busy.  It was launch week at the gym which is always a great time. But that also means things get really busy with teaching extra classes.  Then my full time job was hectic because I was trying to do 6 days worth of work in 4 days.  The blog and vlog kind of got no attention this week.  Luckily I have some down time in the airport right now between my flights. I first had to eat my salad in the bag.  Why in the… View Post

Travel Tuesday: I’m going on a road trip

It’s Travel Tuesday so I’m taking a health/food/fitness break to tell you about my next adventure.  It’s all related somehow anyway, right?  I never would have dreamed of doing all the things I do now if I hadn’t lost the weight. My eyes are wide open now.  I’m ready to explore. So my next big adventure will be a road trip to Las Vegas.  This is kind of monumental because I’ve never been to las Vegas before and I’ve never driven that far by myself.  I’m probably violating a road trip rule by going by myself, but it’s just something… View Post

Video this week: drink more water, get motivated and a road trip

Happy Thursday everyone!  I didn’t do any meal prep this week because it was all up to Willie so I don’t have a food video for you this week.  I’ve been working really hard on these videos and it’s a learning process.  It’s something I feel is adding more to the blog. Here are the videos this week: Drink more water…and add some flava! Keep your fitness appointment because it’s just as important as anything else in your life. Watch and get motivated! And my weekend road trip to Mississippi/Alabama by myself. Boo! Have you tried a water enhancer? Did… View Post