Plane travel eats

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m headed to Kansas to run the Garmin Land of Oz Marathon.  The weather doesn’t look like it’s going to cooperate but I’m still excited to check another state off my list.  Anyway, I’m getting back into the traveling and food toting spirit so I thought I would share with you the food I’m bringing along on this trip.

Travel food

I’m only going for two days but I still feel like I’m bringing a lot of food. I’m also trying not to spend too much money on food while I’m there. Eating in the airport is expensive and so is eating out every meal. Luckily, the marathon is Saturday morning so I can stick to my race day morning food. That’s what the bagels, peanut butter and Clif Bars are for.

I also made some wraps on Flatout bread. It’s kind of hard to arrange my meals and snacks because I can’t bring some of that stuff on the plane. There’s no yogurt happening. I made different types of warps: a breakfast wrap (hard boiled egg, shaved turkey, mango salsa), snack wrap (chicken breast, Laughing Cow cheese, chopped lettuce and mustard) and my lunch wrap (chicken breast, Laughing Cow cheese, chopped lettuce and mango salsa). I though these would be the best options for travel and everything is wrapped together.


For lunch I also made a salad in the bag (lettuce, tomatoes and my dressing) and I have some cut watermelon.

I also have my Nuun tablets because I’m hydrating. Being on a plane with dehydrate me and I still have to be hydrated for the marathon. The plan is to only really eat out two times the entire time I’m in Kansas. I’m doing that for budgetary purposes but having the food with me will keep me on a schedule.

I always have my snack back-ups of Luna Bars and Quest Bars. If I have a snack attack that will always be covered.

This is really the first time I’ve ever done this so I hope that you find it helpful.

Obviously, I’m going to Kansas.  What are your plans for the weekend?