Five Things Friday: Learned on a road trip

It’s late and it’s almost no longer Friday, but I’m going to make it just in time to post my five things Friday. I had a rough start to the day and realized I probably just needed a little break and some sleep.  I bailed on my long run this morning because I was tired. I knew I needed to get in the car to drive to see my very best friends today too so I made the smart decision to bail out on the run and go back home to sleep before leaving. It was a road trip and… View Post

Zip lining is our non scale victory

Willie and I always said when we lost the weight, we would do some things like go to China, travel more and go zip lining. I’m two years past hitting my goal weight and we still didn’t zip line. Today we finally enjoyed the view from the tree tops at Shelby Farms. The non scale victory really came because it was great to not have anyone question our weight and we were just normal. We actually planned to go in Chattanooga but we canceled those plans and decided to come to Memphis. This was the biggest thing we had planned… View Post

Race Recap: Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon

If you didn’t read my Rock n Roll San Diego 5K recap you definitely should go back to start there.  The Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon was part of my quest and was my 11th state to capture on the way.  I was very excited to be running California and to spend time with my best friend, Missy, who was running the half marathon. It was an early wake up call for us because we had to catch the coaster to the start line.  RnR San Diego staff did an excellent job of organizing transportation.  Everything went smoothly from… View Post

Race Recap: RnR San Diego 5K

This should have been up ages ago, but I got sick the week I came back and then this week happened. We’ll just consider it a Throwback Thursday to an old race. I had a really fun time in San Diego because I got to spend some time with my best friend. This was her first trip to the West Coast! We were there together to run the Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon and Marathon! Saturday morning, we ran the Rock n Roll San Diego 5K at Balboa Park. We had to pick up our stuff that morning.… View Post

How do I travel so much?

The weekend is finally here and I’m traveling. I’ve had lots of questions about how I’m able to travel frequently and I want to put a stop to chit chat and maybe help some people out at the same time. Today is the day I’m heading to San Diego with my best friend to run Rock n Roll San Diego. I’ll be taking on state #11 on my marathon quest and Missy will be running the half marathon. Plus, we’ll be running the 5K on Saturday morning. It’s going to be a great girls weekend…and I get to run! It’s… View Post