Starting the weight loss journey is the hardest part

People often ask me what was/is the hardest part of the weight loss journey.  Sometimes I want to say, “keeping the weight off” and that is true, but the hardest part is really just getting started.

If you are ready for your weight loss journey it is important to take the steps.  I wanted to lose the weight many times before I actually did.  Do you know what the biggest difference was the last time?  I actually took the steps to make it happen. I would always think about what life would be life if I lost the weight.  I would wonder how long it would take me to lose the weight.  I wondered what I needed to do to make the change.

Motivation Monday

But that’s just it.  I wondered about a lot of things and did a bunch of nothing. Well, I did something.  I ate a lot and moved very little.  I became complacent with my weight and sometimes justified to myself being obese.

The last time, I just did it.  I didn’t over think it.  I didn’t do a lot of research.  Willie said he wanted to do it and I said I’m in.  It was just about committing to the process and going.

Don’t wait until tomorrow.  Start it now.  If the urge has hit you to start, don’t put it off.  If you put it, you are more likely to keep putting it off.  Start your journey when the urge hits you.  I promise you won’t forget it.

I know it can be scary because you don’t know what to expect…or even what to do.  I want you to start your journey and be diligent about learning along the way.  Remember, no process is perfect.  It’s trial and error.  You will make some mistakes along the way, but that doesn’t mean you’re not doing it right.

The weight loss journey is a learning experience.  Find the knowledge you need.  Ask questions.  Start and don’t stop.  If you keep going, you will not fail. Starting may be the hardest part, but you will be one day ahead of where you were the day before.