Something is better than nothing

Happy Monday! This morning I had a friendly reminder that something is better than nothing. Obviously, this wasn’t the blog post I had planned for today but this is the message that was meant to be shared today.

Last night, I knew I needed to get up this morning to get my workout in.  This week is going to be complicated and the only sure thing I know is getting my sweat on in the morning is guaranteed.  I don’t want to have the same week as I did last week.  It was disjointed and it just felt weird.

This morning I didn’t want to get up but I knew I had to do it.  I put on my running clothes and got everything together to open the door to see rain.  Maybe I should have checked the weather report last night?

better than nothing

I was disappointed because I really just wanted to run.  I wanted to get lost in my own thoughts and just be out there.  BUT I never thought about going back to bed.  That would have been the easy thing to do and it would have been so appealing.  I think this was the universe’s way of letting me know that maybe I need to do some strength training. I answered the call and did some body weight and resistance band training.

The rain settled down a bit and I was able to do a little bit of a walk-run but time was short and the rain started to pick up again.  I managed to get 50 minutes of exercise.  Yes, I would have rather been running but it was all for the better.

Something is better than nothing.

Excuses over run our lives.  We’re too busy, too tired, too stressed, too late, or too anything.  If we wanted to, we could talk ourselves out of any task.  I’m asking you now to take the time you have no matter how much and do something with it.  If there are only 20 minutes, take that time to do something productive for yourself.  It will not be time wasted and you will probably thank yourself in the end.

Today my example was about fitness but it can relate to anything.  Last week, I didn’t take the time to meal prep when I could of because I said I didn’t have time.  I know I could have taken 20 minutes out of time to do something and I chose not to do which led to a week of mistakes.

There are pockets of time that are wasted.  I understand there are times when you need moments to yourself to regroup.  There are times when we just need to stop.  Sometimes there are times when we need to just stop complaining to get something done.  I have a mound of laundry that needs to be folded and I never do it because I don’t have “time” but I could do that while I’m watching television or waiting for something to cook in the oven.

Do not stop the journey

Do not stop the journey

Good morning, everyone!  I wanted to start off by saying an apology for leaving the blog bare for so long.  It’s been a week and that’s not for lack of wanting to blog, it’s poor time management.  The to-do list is long and the blog is always the last thing on the list.  The blog is going to be a priority for me in 2018 because it’s something I love to do.  I will better manage my time and get the job done. This is a perfect segway into my topic today about carrying on no matter how long it… View Post

Monday Motivation: Take the challenge

Monday Motivation: Take the challenge

Happy Monday everyone!  I’ve been trying to catch up on blog business so I can get back to do what I love.  It’s been a life-changing year for me and just when I thought I have my crap together, something else pops up. It’s all been a challenge but that’s what life is about, right? I encourage everyone to take on the challenge.  Don’t let the challenge knock you down.  Face it head on, tackle the challenge, and overcome the challenge. There are plenty of people out there in the world who tell say, “you shouldn’t, you can’t, you don’t have… View Post

Make life happen

Make life happen

I know I haven’t been blogging and that’s on me. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been here, I just haven’t made blogging a priority when I know I should. I’ve had some tough moments this year and I let some things slip away from me. I may have created a bad habit of complaining instead of acting. I haven’t been practicing the things I say on the blog. The past two weeks I’ve been focusing on change and I’ve come to a conclusion. Make life happen. There is a lesson learned in every situation. There is glory in the journey.… View Post

Starting the weight loss journey is the hardest …

Starting the weight loss journey is the hardest part

People often ask me what was/is the hardest part of the weight loss journey.  Sometimes I want to say, “keeping the weight off” and that is true, but the hardest part is really just getting started. If you are ready for your weight loss journey it is important to take the steps.  I wanted to lose the weight many times before I actually did.  Do you know what the biggest difference was the last time?  I actually took the steps to make it happen. I would always think about what life would be life if I lost the weight.  I… View Post