I’m all about the NFL Draft

Excuse me for my lack of posting today. There’s only been one thing on my mind…

It's #nfldraft day and I'm so excited! My heart belongs to the #texans and da #bears! I'm wicked excited about what's going to go down! #nfl #houstontexans #chicagobears

It’s NFL Draft Day and I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for this day for a couple of months now. I’ve been following all the news and the players I’m interested in. I’m a little bummed about Shane Ray because he was the one person I was really pulling for this year. I’m a huge Texans fan but I’m also a Bears fan too.  My heart can’t choose until forced so instead I cheer for both!

It’s the end of the month so I thought I should go over my goals, because I’ll have new goals starting tomorrow. My biggest goal for this month was to get back on schedule.

Double dose of cycle today. Taught my 5am #groupRide and then I went to #r30 this evening. I wanted to skip out on the afternoon #workout but I remverered the promises I made to myself. I should have done a different workout but I thought something was be

How did I rate? I think I did pretty good. My workouts haven’t been exactly back on a schedule but I’ve been better this month. It’s still a work in progress. I did get back into my strength training and I’m working on doing different types of workouts.

The biggest thing I’ve really been focused on is getting back in the right head space. I think I’ve chased down every dark cloud in my life over the past few months and I can say that I will go into May 2015 with a clear head.

How did you do with your goals this month?