Do what you can

Happy Monday! Now is the time to do what you can no matter the level or the time behind it. I’m going through a humbling experience right now because my fitness level obviously isn’t the same as what it was 10 months ago. It’s not like I’m starting all over, but I have taken a few steps backward.

Before y’all start hitting the comments about how I just had a baby or I should be blessed, I want to shut it down. I know I just had a baby and I am beyond blessed for my baby. That is not the purpose of this post. The purpose of this blog is to motivate you to do what you can. If you can only walk for 15 minutes, then walk for 15 minutes because you’re building into something greater. If you can smile at someone who is making your day miserable, then do it. If you can help make someone’s day better with a simple gesture, then do it. DO WHAT YOU CAN IN ANY SITUATION.

This lesson is not just applied to exercise or anything fitness related. This is a whole life lesson. But if you’re here for that type of motivation, do what you can to learn about exercise. Do what you can from the start because you will continue to get faster, stronger and more efficient. If you want to workout but only can exercise 2 days a week, then do what you can. Those two days a week or better than doing nothing at all. That also doesn’t mean you’re going to be stuck at those 2 days a week permanently, but you won’t know until you do what you can do.

My humbling experiences go far beyond not being able to run a marathon in my current state. It’s like I’m being reintroduced to life again by bringing a new life into the world. I’m quickly learning the old way I used to do things sometimes work and now I’m having to make some adjustments. I have new feelings, I have new thoughts, and I have new list of priorities. But I have to do what I can so I can continue to grow and progress even if it’s different than what I expected.

Being defeated or frustrated does no good but magnify the situation. Doing nothing just puts me in a stagnant place and on the outside of the learning. Not adapting to change keeps me from embracing the future and all it has to offer.

Do what you can to keep moving forward. Do what you can so you can continue to learn. Do what you can because even if it’s just a little bit it will go a long way.

Do what you can to change a negative situation with a positive attitude. Do what you can to find that one light spot…and focus on that part. Do what you can to avoid the negativity breeds negativity and it will bring you down.

Life throws up many curveballs.  I must keep moving.  I must stay positive.  I must continue to grow.  The best way to do all of those things is to do what I can.  I encourage you to do what you can in every situation instead of giving up or giving in.  It can make a world of difference.