Today is my birthday. It’s my 35th year of life and this is kind of a big birthday for me. I am absolutely living my best life now and in a place I never thought I would be. I never would have thought I would have accomplished so much or inspired so many people. It’s just all a blessing. I woke up this morning not wanting to get out and workout but the hardest part is getting out of the door. My first official act of my 35th birthday was a jog/walk of 3.33 miles.  So now it’s time for… View Post

Hey all!  It’s been a minute without a good blog, right?  There is a reason.  I haven’t had internet…at work.  I know it sounds stupid but I do most of blog planning and writing at work because I try to keep it away from the house.  Sometimes it becomes a little distracting in the house setting so I try not to spend time doing it there.  Plus, by the time I’ve gotten home, I’ve been too tired to work on the blog. Life doesn’t happen very well without the internet.  It was sad a miserable and no fun.  So have… View Post

My running group is great.  I love being a Strutter as most of you can tell from my race pictures.  These people have come into my life and made it so much sunnier.  My Monday and Wedesdays have been filled with hanging out with these people until recently and maybe it’s time for a little transparency. There are a few explanations that I could offer here.  Let’s start with the easiest explanation: I was just injured.  It’s not that I don’t want to run but I just couldn’t.  It hurt.  It was painful and it kind of made me sad.… View Post

I collected state #17 in North Carolina this weekend when I ran the Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, NC. This was definitely a bucket list race for me from before I even started marathoning.  This was just a half marathon I wanted to complete but then I started running the 50 states and I knew this would be my North Carolina race.  The entire time I was running I couldn’t believe I was actually running the race. The only bad thing about this race was it happened on the day of the time change.  I had already lost an hour… View Post

Thursday night I made my trek to state #17, North Carolina, for the Tobacco Road Marathon which is tomorrow. I had a late flight and didn’t get to my hotel until after midnight because I lost an hour. Oh, did I forget to mention that I lost an hour and will lose another tomorrow due to DST? Oh well, at least the race starts later due to the time change. Yesterday I picked up my packet. I’m never available for first day packet pickup so I thought I should go. It was a small expo but it was nice. There… View Post