Weight loss transformation begins with a choice

Six years ago life was very different.  Sometimes it’s seems like things were simpler back then because I didn’t worry about having to make gym workouts and I didn’t care about what I ate. Dinner usually came from the drive through and nights were filled with pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I was still always on the go but I wasn’t on the go to go run a marathon.

Transformation Tuesday

There are a few things I’ve learned a long the way that I would like to share with you about the weight loss transformation.

  1. Transformation is a choice.  You have to choose to lose weight.  You have to choose to educate yourself on the process.  Most importantly, you have to choose to committ to the process.
  2. To transform, you must put in the work.  That includes making sure you do your workouts, prep your meals and work on yourself.  It’s important to learn why or why you don’t do certain things in times of pain and stress.  It’s important to learn you reward behavior and how often you issue those rewards.  It’s important to learn what makes you happy and why those things make you happy.
  3. Transformation requires you to change.  That sounds pretty simple, right?  You will have to change.  You will have to develop new habits.  You will sometimes need to get a new circle of friends.  There’s no point in trying to fight the change or make the change work in your favor.  It will only cause heartache and confusion.  If you choose to transform you life, you have to take the ride and learn as you are on the road. I spent so much time fighting the changes that it became exhausting and it wore me down.  My relationships changed with others and my relationship changed with myself.  Sometimes it was hard because I didn’t fit in the places I use to fit and it was hard to adapt.

I know this was a little bit heavy for today’s blog but it was just something on my mind that I wanted to share this morning.  If you want to change, you can change.  Weight loss is journey that will open up your life to many more things; you just need to make the choice.