Surround yourself with positive people.

Please surround yourself with positive people who see greatness. This is one lesson I have learned this year.  Positive energy is important and situating yourself around people who are doing something will indeed motivate and inspire you to explore things you never thought possible. Just think about it, if you continue living life every day in a negative situation, you will more than likely develop a negative attitude.  The sky will never be blue enough.  The stars will never shine bright enough for you.  The bad days morph into even worse days. This is just one reason to fill your… View Post

Always dream big.

It’s harder to have dreams when you’re older, right?  It sometimes seems like dreams are for the young.  Why does that have to be the case?  Why can’t the world be my oyster just like it was when I was a 5 year old.  Things were easier back then.  All my needs were met, I didn’t have to pay any bills and I didn’t have to go to work.  Dreaming big was probably the biggest job I had. I thought I could do anything and be anyone I wanted.  Do I really need to be thinking in the past tense?… View Post

Never stop growing.

Continue to grow your hopes and dreams. I wish I could grow a couple of inches taller but that’s not the type of growth I’m talking about here.  The minute allow yourself to stop growing is the moment you shut yourself down. That’s the moment you start to settle for being mediocre. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Willie use to call me an overachiever; he has stopped that now.  I think he understands the inner workings of mind a little better now.  He too wants to keep pushing past the walls he set for himself.  I remember Willie telling me he would… View Post