I do fun things every now and again and fail at meal prepping

Life is about finding balance right?  You may only think I’m doing active things or working out all the time but there’s more to me than just that stuff.  BUT working out and BEING ACTIVE are FUN things for me.  Everyone once and a while I have to take a break and just enjoy life though.  Life is that thing that happens when I’m not working out.

This weekend I went to my best friend Shelby’s baby shower. I “hosted” it with my best friend Mandie, but I’m going to throw it all on her. I bought some decorations and put them up and made the invitations…she did everything else. I didn’t even get into to Mobile until an hour before the shower was supposed to start. Mandie did an amazing job!



There was lots of food but I couldn’t eat much of it. But I totally owned the fruit and veggie tray. I took ownership over it! It was MINE…and a little bit of Willie’s too!


Willie and I shared a piece of cake. It was REALLY good. Most of the time when you get these fancy cakes they don’t taste that good but this one was great. Or maybe I just haven’t had real sugar in a long time, lol!


We made a very short trip for this shower because I needed to get home yesterday to meal prep! I had a meal prepping fail but we’re going to eat it anyway.


So I may be a little hard on myself. I made my first from scratch enchilada sauce yesterday because the stuff in the can is loaded with sodium. I thought making it would be the easiest way to cut that out. My sauce was too thick and it was really dark. Maybe I’m just use to the stuff in the can though. We had enough left over for dinner last night and it wasn’t bad at all, but it was spicy!  But the black beans were on point.  I’ll definitely have to post the recipe for those this week.

I really wanted to do my best to make a healthier version of the enchilada because sometimes I do miss the mexican food.  It’s always loaded with cheese and sour cream and I think I came up with a healthy alternative for this.  There are some things I need to tweek before giving out the recipe for this though so check back later for that.

So what’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?  And what is your favorite mexican dish that you might want to see a healthy alternative for?