My year in running 2014

The year is coming to an end so it’s only fitting that I recap my 2014 running. I’ve been running for my former self all year long. Not because I’m afraid of her, but I’m just showing myself how far I’ve come since that January day. In 2014, I ran 13 marathons, some half marathons (I lost count), a couple of 10Ks and a few 5Ks.  Obviously, I was only keeping track of my marathons and nothing else, I have no idea why though.  I PRed my marathon and half marathon in 2014 too.  I think that is the thing I’m most proud of from the year.  It shows me I’m going places…I have jokes.

So here it is: my 2014 running season in 4 questions. I thought this would be easier by doing Miss Zippy’s roundup.

St Jude Marathon 2014

Best race experience? This is kind of hard for me to come up with. Every race is different for me which makes me proud. But my best race experience is probably the St. Jude Memphis Marathon. It’s only fitting that this was supposed to be my first marathon last year until it was canceled but it’s probably the best race I ran all year. It had it’s own set of complications but I was able to hold it together and come out with something I really wanted to celebrate.


Best run? The Great Wall of China. I won’t say it was the best run because it really wasn’t, but it was the best place I’ve ever wanted to run.  Being out there on The Great Wall was amazing.  Even though we were miserable for a big part of it, I couldn’t stop thinking about the place we were and how many people will never get that experience.  How freaking cool is it that I ran on the Great Wall of China with my best friend/husband?  Once in a lifetime experience.
Finished the marathon! It sucked but I finished! On to the next marathon stop! #marathonmaniac #fitfluential #teamchocolatemilk
Best new piece of gear?  Salt tablets? Does that count as gear? I didn’t even know these things existed until November and I knew immediately this was the answer to my questions. It’s amazing how a $10 bottle of salt tablets changed everything. But if that doesn’t count, I will say my Nathan Zeal hydration vest was a close runner up.
Best piece of running advice you received? To work on my core strength. In June I changed up my running routine and worked on it all summer. By the time the fall rolled around, I could really notice a big difference in my running. Cross training is important but so is working on the strength workouts and core strength. Those 15-20 minutes a couple of days a week changed everything.

St Jude Marathon 2014
Most inspirational runner?  It’s got to by my husband. He ran his first marathon this year which is amazing. But the thing that inspired me the most was his dedication and commitment to the training. He did a great job with the process, which I believe is a huge part of the marathon experience. I saw him grow and transform over 6 months into a more focused person. Seeing him cross the finish line not only changed him, but it changed me.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Epic.

Tomorrow I’ll talk more about my favorite races of the year, but for now I must go to sleep.

What was your biggest fitness accomplishment in 2014?