Do not stop the journey

Good morning, everyone!  I wanted to start off by saying an apology for leaving the blog bare for so long.  It’s been a week and that’s not for lack of wanting to blog, it’s poor time management.  The to-do list is long and the blog is always the last thing on the list.  The blog is going to be a priority for me in 2018 because it’s something I love to do.  I will better manage my time and get the job done.

This is a perfect segway into my topic today about carrying on no matter how long it takes you. We are making our way through January and the “new year steam” might be starting to wear off.  Getting healthy, getting organized, cleaning house, and other things usually are goals that people start the new year with.  (I don’t like the whole new year resolution thing.)  There will be a time that you will be less excited/enthusiastic about these things because sometimes it’s easier to just continue the habits of the past.

Every trip takes time.  The journey will not be completed in a day.  When starting something new or changing old habits, remember a new foundation is being built.  Sometimes starting over from scratch may lead to great results but the process is exactly that, a process.

When I decided to lose weight, I didn’t know how long it would take.  I do know the results didn’t come the way I wanted them to come.  I would look in the mirror 3 months in and not really notice a difference.  In the same time period, people would tell Willie was really slimming.  It was frustrating to see him have results and nothing really happening to me.  The number on the scale was inching down, but it just didn’t show.

I could have stopped then because I was frustrated and upset.  There were times I wanted to just give in because it was taking too long to show results.  But there was always the place in the back of my mind that would have wondered what would have been possible if I would have continued to the journey.

Don’t leave yourself wondering what would happen.  No matter how long it takes, continue to chase the goals you want.

Don’t let the newness of a goal wear off to the point where it comes to end.  Just keep going, even when the results are showing.  Things are happening and changing, even if it’s not a visual change.  Change happens on the inside and outside.  The journey may be long.  The journey may not be what you expected.  The journey may be hard at times, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up and give in.

I’m currently struggling with my running goals after having Baby G.  I am going to get better and it’s taking a while for me to get to the point I want to be.  I will not stop.  The complications and the time just drive me to work harder and get things under control. This is not just something I’m telling you to do, it’s something I’m living in my life right now.  We are on these journies together.  It may not be the same journey, but we are traveling down new roads together.

Keep going until you reach your goal, no matter the obstacles and the time it takes to come to completion.  When you need help, ask for it.  When you need a little motivation, search within yourself.  When you need some inspiration, search Pinterest (haha, that’s kind of a joke).  Find the things that will inspire you to keep the fire alive.  You can do it! But you’ll never know if you stop, so keep going.