I need a break

This is a post that I didn’t want to make but I have to say it.  I need a break.  I have too many things going on right now.  My blog has always come first since I started it but right now with the new baby, I just can’t keep up.  I can’t plan the way I want to plan, I can’t provide the content I want to provide because time management is just something different right now.  Things are getting easier but I’m still making a transition.  I hope to be back on track in a few weeks after I have caught up on sleep and gotten back into some sort of routine.


On a side note:  two weeks ago I ran a 10K and I almost died.  It was so hard for me and I was scared, but I finished it.


Last weekend, I ran a 5K and things were much better.  It gave me a renewed sense that things are getting better.


Last night I went to a spin class and I didn’t want to throw up.  I really feel like I’m making progress.

I have to remember it’s one day at a time to get back on my new road.  Patience is always key.

Thank you for understanding and I’ll be back soon.  Please follow me on social media:

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