I filled June with resetting, running, and reading (Monthly wrap-up #6 2023)

It’s my monthly wrap-up, where I talk about my workouts, interesting things I ate, the books I read, and everything else worth mentioning. I’m coming at you with my June wrap-up, and I still need to type up my May wrap-up. The May wrap-up was written but never typed up, so I’m taking a new approach to this month. I’m just going to type it up.

Running in June

Monthly wrap-up June 2023

The weather got spicy, and Texas was in a heatwave that wouldn’t let up, so I spent much time on the treadmill. I read that people who train on a treadmill aren’t “real” runners. WTF?!? I love myself too much to go outside with a heat index of 117 degrees. And I won’t force myself to wake up when I know I can’t function to run. The treadmill became a perfect friend I greatly cherish during this month. If running on the tread is the only way to get my workout done, I’ll take it.  

My approach to summer running is to do it. Spending time maintaining during the summer will make my fall running stronger. That’s my vibe, and I’m sticking with it.

Side note: People have asked why I don’t comment on mileage or how long my runs are during these posts or ever. I don’t want people to compare themselves to me, and I don’t want to feel like I need to compare myself to others. I’m an average runner, doing average runner things, and I’m OK with that. I want people to feel OK in their running skin and not so focused on the things that don’t matter.

And everything else wellness

Monthly wrap-up June 2023 Wellness

I felt the most fit I’ve ever been during this month, and that’s due to the heat curbing my running a bit. Ironically, I’ve leaned into my Hotwarox workouts. I tried a new class this month, making me stronger. I’ve tried all but one of the Hotworx classes. This cross-training is helping me with my running and staying fit.

I’ve been more focused on eating at home instead of eating out, even if it’s healthy eating out. The focus is to eat at home 90% of the time and eat out the rest. I have been having problems with breakfast, so I might need to start prepping something to eat in the morning. Most days, after getting Tot ready and fed to leave, I run out the door without eating and sometimes stop for breakfast and coffee. I’ve been doing the coffee thing from home, too, since there are no interesting flavors at the coffee shop. Somehow I always fall victim to the coffee line, and I’ve become painfully aware of how much I spend on coffee each week. I must do better.

Books I read:

Monthly wrap-up June 2023 Reading

As usual, I’ll go more in-depth on these books on my book blog, but I’ll give you the basic run down here. June brought me into the season of reading books I didn’t want to consider, and I somehow landed on spicy romance books. These spicy romance books aren’t for everyone, but they filled my cup for the month.

  1. Caraval by Stephanie Garber is a YA fantasy about a magical game that occurs once a year. 1.5 
  2. Vacation Wars by Megan Quinn is about sisters and best friends who go on vacation, and they try to set up their single friend on a date to find the love of her life, even though she wants no part in it. 3.75
  3. Ice Breaker by Hannah Grace reminded me of Cutting Edge with a lot more spice. 4 ⭐
  4. Life’s Too Short by Abby Jimenez is the third book in the Friend Zone series that follows Josh’s cousin, Adrian, on his journey of love, where he becomes smitten with a travel influencer. 3.75 
  5. The Fine Print by Lauren Asher follows Rowan on his journey to inherit the keys to the family business, but he and his brothers have to meet precise guidelines set up by their grandfather. Tristan has to run Dreamland (basically Disney) for six months. 3.5 ⭐
  6. Terms and Conditions by Lauren Asher is the second book in the Dreamland billionaire series that follows Declan on his journey to become CEO and find a work-life balance. 3.25
  7. The Stopover by TL Swan is a four-part series about the Miles brothers, who run a media empire. The first book follows Tristan on his journey to find love and overcome his demons. 3 
  8. The Takeover by TL Swan is the second book in the series about Tristan taking over businesses. He’s got a gift for all things business but wants to avoid getting into a relationship. But he soon finds out what he’s missing in life. This was my favorite book out of the series. 3.5 
  9. The Casanova by TL Swan is the third book in the series and follows Elliot, an art collector who longs for private life. He fears losing the things closest to him and finds himself in an unexpected relationship he can’t let go of. 3 ⭐

Everything else:

  • I am obsessed with people destroying their relationships on Temptation Island. The show became a binge-worthy moment in the house, and Willie got a bit invested. It’s a shame people don’t treat and nurture their relationships respectfully. Relationships are fragile and require work. I couldn’t throw it away by going on a TV show. 
  • My nephew graduated and had a big party. Tot had a good time hanging out with the big kids. It was a fun night for her and the rest of the family.
  • I officially became PTA president. I got everything handed over to me. I’m nervous about taking on the job because it will be a lot of work. But I’m still excited to make a positive difference in the school. I’m just doing my part.
  • Tot got sick and projectile vomited in the back of my new car. It was an experience. I’ve never been so glad to have a Bissell Spot Clean for the cleanup.
  • Magnolia Parks is a book series I love to hate, but the books are getting rereleased with new covers.  I wanted the books with the original covers, but I didn’t buy the physical copy of the books because I purchased the digital copies.  I digress; I tracked down the last remaining copies of these books before the new releases.  

June was slow. Things seemed rushed, but for the most part, it was slow living. I created no content during the month. I had the best intentions of getting things done, but life got in the way. For Memorial Day weekend, we went out of town. Then, my nephew graduated, so we went to his party, and I got sick. That took a week out of my life, and then I tried to get back into creating some routines. The only thing I did in June was work, run, read…oh and watch Formula 1.  

That was my month. Thanks for returning to the blog to see how things went (or didn’t go) during this time. How did your month go?