The Total Life Changes Tea Detox Fraud

I’ve spent many hours trying to track down who is spreading the message that Willie and I used some TLC (Total Life Changing) Tea as part of our diet plan. I’m here to bust this right open to let you know that I don’t even know what that mess is. We’ve never used it and I would definitely never endorse it. I only endorse and/or represent brands I use on the regular. Otherwise, I’m not being true to myself and I’m definitely not being honest with you guys.


Big thanks to Robin for letting me know this was out there on the internet. I do appreciate the blog readers for looking out for us and what we stand for. The main goal here is to motivate and inspire others to start their own lifestyle journeys. Some people use Weight Watchers, Paleo, Atkins, Jenny Craig, etc and it is really what works for you. Some people may even use this Total Life Changing Tea and it works, but we did not.

We didn’t subscribe to any problem except counting all the calories in and working out. There was no detox tea that helped us gain weight loss. And the claims are just ridiculous in the first place and I don’t want people thinking we did this. Hard work and determination has taken us to the point now. That’s the honest truth. I can’t have you thinking any different.

It really makes me upset to know this kind of stuff is floating around the internet and people are believing it. It’s really a shame this stuff is happening. I just wanted to shut this down before it got out of hand. And please, if you see something like this please let me know so I can handle it. I wouldn’t and couldn’t be here without you guys.

Thank you!