Five Things You Can Do to Lose Weight now

It’s not a hoax or whatever.  People often ask what we did to lose weight or how we got started.  The is a simply answer and long answer so I’m going to give you a clif notes version.  It starts with a few simple things that will help you develop healthier habits.


  1. Cut the soda.  This is where we started from day one.  There was no more soda to be had.  I really have no idea how many calories I was consuming just by drinking soda.  It’s a mindless habit but those soda cans add up to major calories.  Or what about when you’re not drinking from a can or bottle, but free pouring a 2-liter bottle.  There’s no telling how quickly those calories will add up.
  2. Eat a few meals at home.  Taking the time to cook at home helps you know what is in your food.  I’m not always saying cooking food at home is healthier but this is a great learning tool to see what you’re actually cooking with and consuming.  When it comes time to make the decision to reformulate your diet, you can at least understand and see why you need to cut certain things.  On the other hand, eating out is expensive and you’re going to get processed foods.  Cooking meals at home from scratch makes a big difference.
  3. Walk for 30 minutes a day.  Get active for just a short period of time.  This will help you build some consistency and will be a great way for you to get some fresh air…or hit the treadmill at the gym for the gym air?  I’m reaching with that one.  Eating right and getting active are the keys to weight loss.
  4. Monitor your sleep.  Make sure you care catching enough zzz’s during the night.  Depriving your body of the necessary sleep can actually lead to weight gain.
  5. Keep a positive attitude.  If you’re starting your weight loss journey be positive about it and don’t think about the obstacles along the way.  It is one day at a time and one pound at a time.  Having that positive spirit will take you a long way and will work hand in hand with determination to the see it through until the end.  I know it sounds silly, but a positive attitude can and will take you a long way.

I hope these five things you can do to lose weight now help you kick start your new healtier lifestyle.  Remember everything starts with a small step so these little things can add up to something big.

Do you have anything else to add to this list? Sharing could help someone else on their own journey.  What do you think is most important thing you can do when starting a weight loss journey?