Starting off the New Year right

It’s the New Year and I’m already behind on my blogging but I have great reason: we’re going to be on the Today Show tomorrow. Things have been really hectic trying to get ready because I needed to meal prep for the week.

I’m trying to start the New Year off healthy and active. On New Years Day I ran a marathon. I know you’re not shocked but this is the best way I could start the year.


And yesterday, I stocked the house with everything we needed to start the first week of the year starts off on the right track.

Like I’ve mentioned before, we prep every meal at home: breakfast, lunch and dinner and one snack. On average we spend $135 a week on groceries. In the beginning, there were frequent trips to the store during the week, but now I think we’ve gotten down to a science. We did buy things that we didn’t end up using. Now we’re more careful about our food waste.


I’m really not fancy with our meals. I’m all bout quick and convenient. We really don’t mind eating the same meals all week. Typically, I make one dish for lunch and Willie makes a dish for dinner that we portion out to last 5 days. The great thing about portioning out the food right away is knowing if there are leftovers to freeze. Those leftovers come in handy when time or money is limited.

The weekends are times we have more time to make those “special” meals (aka more labor intensive) or we can whip up something quick. This is the time I’m willing to be a little more adventurous. In the new year, I want to spend more time making new dishes/snacks. I feel like we need some new stuff in our menu.

Because there are only two of us, it’s more economical for us to do our meal prep this way and it saves us on time. And we’re really not bothered by eating the same thing every day. Maybe we’re like this because we could eat the same fast food joints everyday. Plus, our relationship with food has changed greatly!

So what’s on our menu this week:

Breakfast: overnight oats and egg white muffins and I usually have roasted sweet potatoes
Lunch: chicken and rice casserole with English peas
Dinner: Chicken enchiladas with black beans and rice.
Snacks: salads with Egglands Best hard cooked eggs (Angela), or baked chicken breast (willie), baked apples with cinnamon and Greek yogurt

It’s a new year so I will be working harder to incorporate some food posts into the blog. I will push myself out of my comforter zone to learn new things and share with all of you. I will post some recipes later this week.

There’s still time to get your meal prep on for the day! What are you eating this week?