Making goals on May Day!

Hello May!  I hope everyone is starting off the first day of the month in a positive direction. Last night, I stayed up a whole lot late for me to watch the draft.  I must confess I usually go to sleep between 8:15 pm – 9:00 pm and the first round of the draft lasted until 10:30pm.  I went into the bedroom around 10:15 to watch the two last picks but I fell asleep.

I was up late watching the draft but I couldn't let that stop me from hitting the gym this morning. I wanted to start the month off in a positive direction. What goals do you have for May? #goals #fitfam #fitness #positivity

This morning I woke up a little tired but I wanted to start the month off right and go to the gym.  I knew I wasn’t going to Group Power this morning but I wanted to do something.  I hit the treadmill and just ran.  I didn’t have my watch and I made the mileage disappear from the screen.  I’m glad I went though.

Welcome to May so it’s time to talk about those goals again.  May marks an important month for me because I set some deadlines for myself for the end of April…and now it’s time to begin again.

Chicago here I come! I'm so excited! #runchat #instarunner #runhappy

1. First off, I am running the Chicago Marathon in October.  It’s not something I ever dreamed of running but last year I said I would run one BIG race a year.  Last year it was Marine Corp Marathon and this year it will be Chicago.  I feel very fortunate to be able to run these big races so I always want to do those races for a reason.  I am happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with Team Healthy Kids (by Action for Healthy Kids) for the Chicago Marathon.  If there’s anything you should know about me is: health and fitness, children and cancer are the things that will completely move me.  This relationships with Team Healthy Kids is one that I want to last for the rest of my time in life.  After many months looking and talking and more talking, Team Healthy Kids will be my platform.

My first step is raise $3000 for the group and spread the word about this amazing organization. Any amount of donation will help.  I plan on having a lot of fun with the fundraising and getting out into my community to spread the word.  I’ve never been so excited to raise money!

2.  The beginning of May starts a huge step in my journey.  Someone left a comment on my Brazos Bend 50K post about your dreams making you uncomfortable or something like that.  The purpose of my quest is to push me out of my comfort zone and now it’s about to get hotter.  I’m not a heat runner but I’m about to become one.  I have big goals for the summer which does include some ultramarathons.  For my birthday, I will tackling the heat of Georgia in a 12-hour endurance run.  I am really going to be training hard for that. Plus, I’m going to do the Habanero Hundred in August.  I haven’t decided on my event for June yet, but it will be one along these lines.  I’m really thinking about running the Hatfield and McCoys Marathon in June.  It will require a roadtrip, but I’m thinking about it seriously. I’m going to learn a great deal about hydration, recovery and electrolytes.  It’s a different ball game for me but it’s time to push forward.  I’m constantly pushing myself forward.

3.  I’m getting back on a training plan for everything because I require structure and I’ve been lacking that since March.  I know what works for me and I need to get back on it.  I’ve been bailing on workouts too easily lately and it’s time to get some of that mental toughness back in me.  It’s time to get a little fight back in me because I’ve been struggling lately.  There’s been a lot of second guessing and wanting to give up lately and that stops now!

4. Because I’ve been lacking on structure, I’ve been letting deadlines creep up on me.  I haven’t been organized with my writing projects, research and blogging…among all the other things in life.  I’m going to stop being a procrastinator and get back on track.

Those are my goals that I’m going to work on for May.  What are your goals for the month of may?