Refreshed and recharged after getting my joy stolen

I have to be honest, I’m writing this for myself today. Notice that I haven’t been as bright and friendly around the blog parts lately? Things haven’t been good but things are better. I think I was just left feeling a little lost after the month of the February.

I had a little struggle that turned into something big and I didn’t deal with it right. I resorted to old habits and that kind of scared me. I lost motivation. I lost my drive. I was consumed and over taken by my emotions and it just left me empty. No I didn’t emotionally eat which is truly a positive in this situation but I didn’t handle the situation right for me. It was like I took a back slide that really disappointed me. I really felt like I had failed myself. My oldest and dearest friend told me I had come to far in my life to travel back down those roads again and she was right. It just took me a minute to move past it.

Little Rock Marathon 2015

It had gotten so bad to the point where I didn’t want to run. Willie had to make me go to Little Rock because I really didn’t want to go. So I went anyway because I didn’t want to let him down either. But seeing as though, I didn’t even want to run says a LOT! Why am I telling you this? Because I let a situation take my joy. Don’t do that!

Every situation is manageable but you must deal with the situation and not let it overtake you. This is where I took the wrong turn, I let the situation overwhelm every part of me and it got bad.

Walked 2 miles and went to a spin class. Now I'm icing my foot. Can't run yet and I'm not happy about it! Plantar fasciitis has me down but I'm not out. #fitfluential #gymflow #fitfam #fitness
I went from not wanting to run, to not being able to run. After The Gusher I had this horrible pain in my foot. I sense that it was an overuse injury from running some slower than normal marathons two weeks in a row. It kind of tore me. Probably didn’t help that I switched my shoes this past month either. I really thought this was going to be something that would sideline me for awhile. I’ve been rehabbing the mess out of this injury and things are looking better.

But that means my working out has been very limited it. I was trying to keep it low key not to aggravate whatever was going on any more. I did some walking on the treadmill but that kind of hurt. The elliptical wasn’t much fun either. So I gave it another couple of days.

On Saturday I went back to walking and I tried spinning. The walking was ok but the cycling hurt. I was a little bit upset but I was never defeated. The situation isn’t one on the best list but I know it’s going to be ok. I’m not going to let the situation steal my joy or sparkle. I’m going to keep pushing forward.

So after a pretty horrible emotional experience, getting sick, and now over coming an injury, I’m ready to head back into life. I’ve gained new perspective on life and I feel recharged and refreshed. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes the journey to that light may take a little longer than we might like. These are the learning moments of life that will make me stronger.