Eggland’s Best Eggs are nutritious

I love eggs! That is one thing I will never be able to deny. There’s nothing like a good omelet to start off the day…or it’s even a great way to end the day. But why is it such a great way to start the day? Because you’re meeting a lot of your nutritional needs. Omelets are great but I thought I would give my try at frittata this morning for breakfast with Eggland’s Best large eggs.

Eggland's Best Eggs - 7

I basically took everything that was left in the fridge. We had a leftover turkey burger, onions, spinach, bell peppers, roasted potatoes and the large eggs. I think it turned out pretty good, especially since this was an all fridge find…again! We don’t have an oven safe skillet so that why it’s in the casserole dish. Same concept as a frittata just a different pan. I’ll share my recipe soon.  I’m not sure if I need to make some tweeks to it yet.

Eggland's Best Eggs - 2

Eggs are a great source of protein but when you choose Eggland’s Best eggs you’re getting more than your average egg. An Eggland’s Best large egg (50g) is only 60 calories. That’s 10 less calories compared to other eggs. Calories add up so taking 10 calories off can go a long way. By choosing an Eggland’s Best egg you’re not just cutting the calories, you’re also cutting the fat and saturated fat. Eggland’s Best eggs contain 4 fat grams and 1 saturated fat grams compared to other eggs at 4.5 grams of fat and 1.5 grams of saturated fat. That is 25% less fat than the ordinary egg.

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Is that enough to make you want to switch your egg? Also keep in mind with Eggland’s Best eggs, compared to other eggs, you get more than double the Omega-3s which is great for your heart health. Compared to ordinary eggs, Eggland’s Best eggs will give you 10 times MORE vitamin E, 4 times MORE vitamin D, 3 times MORE vitamin B12!

And I’m very serious about my eye health because I’ve been wearing glasses from the beginning of time so it’s good to see these eggs contain 38% more lutein than the ordinary egg. Don’t forget the Eggland’s Best egg chickens are vegetarian feed healthy grains, canola oil, and a premium supplement of rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp and Vitamin E.  That just means it’s a good egg.

It’s more than protein that makes eggs good but in my opinion all the “extras” the Eggland’s Best Eggs provide is a bonus for me.  It’s great to just have that extra nutritional boost in something so simple as an egg.  That is why I choose to cook with Eggland’s Best eggs.


All in all these are good eggs that give you more (compared to other eggs).  Making such a small choice can make big differences in your  life.  Are you ready to try a more nutritious egg?  Try Eggland’s Best eggs and enjoy “Better Taste. Better Nutrition. Better Eggs.(R)”

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Eggland’s Best.