Food doesn’t control me

Back in the day, eating was a main event.  I use to get excited about it.  There was so many possibilities and so many meals to be had. In college, this girl’s favorite thing to do was slam 20 chicken nuggets, large fries and two cheeseburgers.  I use to really enjoy a big drink and an extra large portion of chili cheese tater tots for a snack.  I would REALLY get excited about those things.  Eating was my sport of choice and I loved every minute of it. Fast forward to now, I’m really not that excited about food. I… View Post

Refreshed and recharged after getting my joy stolen

I have to be honest, I’m writing this for myself today. Notice that I haven’t been as bright and friendly around the blog parts lately? Things haven’t been good but things are better. I think I was just left feeling a little lost after the month of the February. I had a little struggle that turned into something big and I didn’t deal with it right. I resorted to old habits and that kind of scared me. I lost motivation. I lost my drive. I was consumed and over taken by my emotions and it just left me empty. No… View Post

Time to catch up

I’ve been out of this week. I’ve been out of touch and haven’t really been living the plan. It’s kind of made me a little chaotic and doing some weird things. No talk about meal prepping this week because I didn’t cook this week. Plus, I had been stock piling meals for these weeks when I knew I was going to be super busy and wouldn’t have enough time to prep. So we’ve been eating a lot of the same. Willie made this deliciousness for dinner this week. I’ve been enjoying it! I’m glad that he’s back to cooking and… View Post

Lesson of the week: negativity breeds negativity

The week is almost over and I can’t wait for it to end. It’s been a hard week or a couple of hard weeks have really hit me hard. A lot things haven’t gone right, but I’ve been good at focusing on the good things. This week, I’ve been trying to step my game up. I upped my weights in Group in Power on Monday morning. I’m trying to stay focused on moving forward and not looking back. And then some pretty negative things happened Monday during the day. I thought all types of negative things. I thought about things… View Post