Refreshed and recharged after getting my joy stolen

I have to be honest, I’m writing this for myself today. Notice that I haven’t been as bright and friendly around the blog parts lately? Things haven’t been good but things are better. I think I was just left feeling a little lost after the month of the February. I had a little struggle that turned into something big and I didn’t deal with it right. I resorted to old habits and that kind of scared me. I lost motivation. I lost my drive. I was consumed and over taken by my emotions and it just left me empty. No… View Post

I had a good weekend

I had a really great weekend.  I know I don’t usually post stuff about my normal day to day on the blog, but maybe I should do more things like that. I spent Valentine’s Day being active with Willie and support my best friend at her school 5k.  Note:  it was a lot of walking on a soccer field. Totally not serious, but A LOT of fun! And someone showed me to to stretch because I wasn’t do it right! Then we headed to the expo to pick up our packets. Then I fought the ridiculous Austin traffic to hang… View Post

The day after Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday. I was hosting this year which took up a lot of time.  It was hard to keep up with everything and keep blogging.  I’ll give you the short version of the holiday.  On Wednesday night, we had a little get together with some friends.  I didn’t get a chance to take pictures because I was running around like a crazy person, but I did get one with my good friend Julie. You might remember Julie from her story.  Check it out if you haven’t!  She just keeps getting better! On Thanksgiving morning… View Post

A look at friendships

It’s time to take a wellness break here on the blog. I’m all about living a healthy life through mind, body AND soul. So let’s talk about friends. I was never the girl who had a lot of friends.  My close friends I can count on my hand and those are the people I lean on in the good and bad times. I like to think I am a very good friend most of the time but you never really know. A couple of days ago I was reading Kimberly’s blog and she linked to this article: 7 Friends Every Woman… View Post

At the bachelorette party

My dear friend Mel is getting married when I’m in China so I won’t be able to attend but I was able to go to her bachelorette party last night.  Well at least half of it. Since you only really hear about me working out and such I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show that I do in have a regular fun life. It’s nice to put on regular clothes with people who only see you in running gear! We all clean up very nicely. Any opportunity to put on real clothes I’m going to put it on.… View Post