Three tips for FALLing back into fitness and nutrious food

Fall is a beautiful time. The leaves are changing colors and the weather gets a little bit cooler. This is the time when the clothes get a little baggier and some people may fall into comfort food. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it shouldn’t be a daily regime. Fall is the perfect time to get outside and really enjoy some nice weather and get fit at the same time. I live for the fall weather. It’s the perfect time for me to get outside and do my runs after struggling through the hot summer temps. All that hard word… View Post

Twist on an broccoli slaw recipe

I’ve been completely OBSESSED with eggs lately so I’ve been trying new ways to incorporate them in my diet, specifically my snacks. I’ve been craving cole slaw lately for some reason. I don’t post a lot of recipes on the blog because I’m not really cook. I make quick meals but I don’t spend a lot of time making stuff in the kitchen. It’s really practical stuff. That’s why I’m sharing with you the broccoli slaw recipe I’ve been snacking on for a week. Quick and easy and good for you. Egg and ham broccoli slaw Recipe Type: Side dish/snack… View Post

Get that healthy eating in check for fall

Summer is over, technically. Vacation is a thing of the past. The summer barbecues and sweet treats may have taken over your life for a few short months and that’s fine. Live a little, it was summer after all, but now it’s time to get your healthy eating back in check. The next the you know, it will be the holiday season and you don’t want bad habits to snowball into that time of year, do you? The best way to get your eating habits back on track is to make a plan. Plain and simple, make a plan and… View Post

Eggland’s Best Eggs: protein packed and great for summer

I’ve always stressed the importance of protein after a workout. I won’t let you forget that I love to have low fat chocolate milk after a long run because of the protein and carb replacement. But you also know my favorite post run meal involves eggs. I can never have too much omelet! It’s summer, it’s heating up and I’m putting a lot of stress on my body training for the Chicago Marathon in October.  My summer activities include spending a lot of time outside (playing with the dogs, hanging with my family and just enjoying nature) and working toward… View Post

Get a healthy dose of Vitamin D

It’s summer so let’s go out and enjoy some rays and soak up some Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is important for keeping strong and healthy bones and is vital for the body to absorb all that Vitamin C. As women, I’m really concerned about osteoporosis especially as I grow older and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D will hopefully keep that away. It’s a rainy day here in southeast Texas so it’s only appropriate that I talk about Vitamin D.  It’s hard to get your vitamin D when the sun isn’t out. This D vitamin helps our immune system… View Post