I just wanted to start the blog off by telling you I am a Rock n Roll and Team Chocolate Milk ambassador.  My race entries were paid for by these groups but the opinions expressed on my blog are completely my own.  Dont’ forget to check out my Rock n Roll San Antonio 5k recap first. I didn’t have a chance to run Rock n Roll San Antonio last year because I was very pregnant so running this year wasn’t up for discussion.  It’s something I had to do.  There have been a lot of changes to the race since… View Post

Did you catch my Rock n Roll Las Vegas 5k recap? The Rock n Roll Las Vegas half marathon is one of the best races I’ve ever run. I don’t want to bury the lead. It may not have been my fastest race but I had the best time running down the Las Vegas strip. Remembering the lives that were lost in the tragic events in Las Vegas was the theme of the weekend. This was really a moving experience for me. I was hesitant about coming to the race but ultimately decided I should run. Half marathon day started… View Post

It’s currently 2am and I can’t sleep.  I really thought I was going to sleep the whole night but I woke up around midnight and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I thought I should do some productive things so I packed up my stuff, uploaded some pictures and now I’m blogging.  Some people sleep well after a marathon, and then there’s me.  There’s no sleeping for me.  This is not news. The Louisiana Marathon weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  There is just something about this race that I just can’t get over.  The atmosphere is… View Post

I’m kind of behind on my race recaps so I thought this Tuesday was the perfect day to catch up. I ran the Santa Hustle Galveston Half Marathon on December 20, 2015 in Galveston, TX. I ran it with my good friend Julie. We both decided to run the half marathon. This is a holiday themed race which is really nice. I was in the need of some holiday spirit and this was a nice jumpstart to it all. Packet pickup wasn’t anything special but it was easy. Everyone got a red zip up jacket instead of shirt for this… View Post

I’m late on my race recaps, but this is what Tuesday is for.  On November 7, 2015 I ran the Pleasure Island Bridge Half Marathon which will always be remembered at the Mosquito and Monsoon Festival 2015.  The minute we pulled into the parking lot the mosquitoes swarmed the car and I knew it was over at that point.  We even bug sprayed before we left the house because the bugs are always bad.  This year it was worse. It was so bad that we didn’t even want to take pictures before the race.  This is the only picture we… View Post