It’s holiday time but you still need to stay fit

I walked into a store last Saturday and they were playing Christmas carols.  I had to think to myself, “wasn’t it just Halloween?”  I guess we’re completely giving up on Thanksgiving this year in lieu of the other holidays.

My plan is to come up with some dishes that you can share around the holiday table without blowing out your calories.  This is something Willie and I will work on together so it will appear on both blogs.  But today I want to talk about overindulging in the holiday goodness.

I know it’s the holidays and  you should enjoy it.  Don’t feel like you need to avoid all those tempting treats and eats but don’t over indulge to the point where you’re doing it every day or at every holiday party you attend.


1. If you know you can’t resist the cookies, cakes and pies don’t have them in your house.  You’ll be tempted to eat them.  Don’t go to a cookie exchange party and come back with a load of cookies that might send you over the deep end.  Have a cookie and pass on the rest.  Same goes with the cakes and pies.

2. Taste everything but eat nothing.  Simply put, have a bite of that macaroni and cheese or a piece of pecan pie but don’t fill your plate with it.  It’s been said that after a few bites of something you’re satisfied but most of just keep eating.  It’s all about the science.

3. Fill up on veggies before you head out to that holiday party.  That way you’re kind of full and won’t be tempted to eat everything in sight.

4. Never go to a party or event hungry.  Eat normally throughout the day so you’re not tempted to again, eat the table.

5. Workout!  The holidays are busy with parties, family and friends and workouts sometimes get pushed aside.  Don’t let this this happen to you.  Keep that important date with yourself to stay active during the holiday season.

6. Stay away from alcohol because it just makes you want to eat more.  There’s a reason why Taco Bell is open late, right? This article talks about the Fourth meal.  There’s a science behind it all.

These are just a few tips to help you make it through the holiday season.  Do you have any other tips to share?

What’s your biggest holiday indulgence? How are you going to fight against it this year?