#TourDeAngie: Weight loss and alcohol.

Thursday night I made my trek to state #17, North Carolina, for the Tobacco Road Marathon which is tomorrow. I had a late flight and didn’t get to my hotel until after midnight because I lost an hour. Oh, did I forget to mention that I lost an hour and will lose another tomorrow due to DST? Oh well, at least the race starts later due to the time change.

Picking up my race packet. I thought it would be wise to do it on the first day and not the second. It's going to be warm and rainy on Sunday but I'm excited to #run the Tobacco Road Marathon. #tourdeangie #webeatfat #weightloss #weightlossjourney #marath

Yesterday I picked up my packet. I’m never available for first day packet pickup so I thought I should go. It was a small expo but it was nice. There were lots of great things happening there. There was some pumpkin chocolate chip bread and irish soda bread. I was going to buy some but I didn’t have any cash.

I did take advantage of making my own trail mix and enjoyed that for my afternoon snack. It was so good.

After that I needed to go pick up my other packet for the 5K this morning. This particular pickup was at Lonerider Brewery. It was happy hour. I got a beer, but my uber arrived early so I couldn’t finish drinking it all.

People have always asked me if I drink alcohol. I will be completely honest, I stopped drinking when we started the weight loss journey and I went super rigid with things. There was a lot of fear in my mind about alcohol but I’ve hard to learn to loosen up. I’m not boozing it up every night but I can now share with you guys that I do enjoy some adult beverages every now and then. Really it’s about moderation and that is not something I was focused on during the weight loss journey.  I thought I had to do things this way and cut everything else out. It really doesn’t have to be that way.  We may have been losing weight but that doesn’t mean I needed to stop living life.

I may be enjoying them a little bit more lately because I’ve been running these races. Races = free beer, but I only take the good stuff. You won’t see me sipping on Bud Light after a race because I can get that at the grocery store. If that’s what is available, I will more than likely pass. There, I’ve shared my little secret.


This morning I made my way to the Brierdale Ale Trail 5K and got ripped off on my cab ride. It was $45. I’ve been taking Uber everywhere but it said no Ubers were available but it was lie. Instead I got in this cab and I was mad. The same ride back cost me $15 in an Uber. Lesson learned.

The race wasn’t amazing. Squeezing 250 people onto a sidewalk to run wasn’t very smart so I had to walk the first half mile. But the race was for a great cause and they did a great job with everything else besides the start. This was the first year for the race. There was a cute photo booth that you could take pictures with and they actually gave you a hard copy of the picture. There were lots of vendors and everything.


I finished the 5K. It was a nice shake out. I hadn’t run at all this week because I’ve been trying to do the whole recovery thing but I didn’t want to have a repeat of last week. I wanted to run before the marathon tomorrow and this is what I did. We got a free pint glass and beer at the end. I passed on the beer because beer at 8:30 am doesn’t sound good to me. At least, I got the enjoy the craft beer yesterday at packet pickup.

So now I’m back at my hotel, hydrating, blogging and resting up for the marathon tomorrow.  I’m not sure what is on the schedule for today because right now I’m just feeling lazy.  Very very lazy!  Don’t forget I’m still looking for people to run the Chicago Marathon with Willie and I.  If you’re interested, please let me know.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Stay safe.

It’s holiday time but you still need …

It’s holiday time but you still need to stay fit

I walked into a store last Saturday and they were playing Christmas carols.  I had to think to myself, “wasn’t it just Halloween?”  I guess we’re completely giving up on Thanksgiving this year in lieu of the other holidays. My plan is to come up with some dishes that you can share around the holiday table without blowing out your calories.  This is something Willie and I will work on together so it will appear on both blogs.  But today I want to talk about overindulging in the holiday goodness. I know it’s the holidays and  you should enjoy it.…

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